Simon Harris to consider reducing tax on sunscreen

The Health Minister says he is happy to look at any proposal to reduce the tax on sunscreen.

Health advocates want the typical 23% Vat slashed, and claim sun protection is a necessity, not a luxury.

Fine Gale Senator Tim Lombard is trying to convince the Government to cut the cost.

Simon Harris

Simon Harris says he will consider it.

"It's an appropriate time to be talking about sun cream when Ireland is going through this beautiful period of weather," he said.

"I think everybody should heed the advice in terms of using sun cream when they're out and about. It can significantly help reduce your chances of getting skin cancer.

"I'm very favourably disposed to anything that can help reduce the cost of sun cream.

Vat and reducing Vat rates is often a complex issue because it's governed by European law as well, but it's certainly something I'll look at.

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