Senator explains controversial #pcgonemad tweet

Independent Senator, Fidelma Healy Eames, has spoken about comments she posted online about Mother's Day yesterday which sparked controversy.

Ms Healy Eames tweeted that she hopes it will still be celebrated after the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum is passed.

The tweet concluded with the hashtag #pcgonemad.

She went on to claim that Mother's and Father's Days are banned in some US states, although she acknowledges she meant to say schools.

This morning, Senator Healy Eames insisted she wants open discussion on the area.

Ms Healy Eames said: "My tweet was very much to say 'Happy Mother's Day. Gosh I'd never like to see this happening here'. Let's hope we can celebrate it after same sex marriage is passed here. Obviously that's if it's passed.

"You know, I did make one error in the tweet which I want to acknowledge.

"I said 'in some US States', I meant 'in some US schools'. All I'm saying is this, let's have an open debate."

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