Report finds workers feel more stressed after holidays than before them

One in three of us feel more stressed after taking a holiday from work than before we left.

According to Cpl Resources' latest Employment Market Monitor, the expectation to be in constant communication on work means burn-out is a very real threat for a large number of workers.

However, the report also shows that jobseekers are more optimistic than in previous monitors.

Peter Cosgrove, Director, Cpl Resources said: "New opportunities still appeal to contented workers, so it is important to provide employees with enough incentives and benefits to keep them.

"Companies often invest a lot of time and money in hiring new candidates, but these figures show that it is worth focusing on managing the talent already in the company."

It also emerged that 60% of workers prefer email for communication.

Mr Cosgrove said: "More typing and less talking may be good for efficiency, but it negatively impacts the amount of face to face interaction and relationship-building within the office and with clients."

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