Rape survivor speaks out and appeals for everyone to 'take a stand'

A rape survivor has spoken out about her assault at the age of 16 in an attempt to normalise the conversation about rape.

Mia Doring, who became known for her TEDx talk in Griffith College last year, spoke out today about the assault from which she was 'incapable of protecting' herself.

Ryan Tubridy with Mia Doring.

In an interview with Ryan Tubridy, Mia Doring revealed that she is now speaking out about the rape, which occurred late at night while drinking in a park, in order to dismantle the societal perception of rape.

She explained how society associates with rape and that the worst rape possible is seen as being grabbed behind a bush by a man with a knife, but that 90% of rapes are committed by men that we know.

She said that rape is still considered a women's issue because it happens to women but that we need to look both at the men who are committing rapes and those who are not committing rapes in order to open up the conversation.

"There's a thing called peer influence which is like the other side of the coin of peer pressure where being a role model, being an example to other men is really powerful.

"So in your social group, if all of your friends aren't into whatever thing you do, you're less likely to do that behaviour around them because you don't want to feel like you're out of the group.

"It's that kind of cognitive bias that we have that we can utilise to help with social change.

"If somebody is saying something or doing something that is sexist or misogynistic that you won't just let it go, that you'll actually say something and take a stand against this."

Mia had kept the attack a secret for a full year because she did not realise that what had happened was rape.

She told Ryan that her saddest memory was googling rape porn in an attempt to figure out what had happened to her because sex and rape were not openly discussed at the time.

"I was trying to find myself in it, and see what does rape look like, did I look like that, did I say things like what she's saying."

Mia gave a TEDx talk in Griffith College last year 'Break the Silence and Build a New World', after which, President Michael D. Higgins wrote to Mia describing her speech as being one of radical truth.

She said that it is her favourite sentence because it's true and she just loves him.

Listen to Mia's full interview on the Ryan Tubridy Show here:

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