Public warned as dangerous jellyfish spotted in Irish waters

The dangerous Lion's Mane jellyfish has been spotted at several Irish beaches.

The jellyfish has been reported along the Dublin coastline and from Cork up to Donegal, which has resulted in the public being warned to steer clear of several coastal locations.

John Leech, chief executive officer of Irish Water Safety, said that the Lion's Mane jellyfish can reach more than two metres in length and have stings capable of putting people into anaphylactic shock.

"The Lion's Mane jellyfish - its bell or its dome can be right up to two metres, but its not uncommon to see them with around a one metre diameter around out coastline at the moment," he said.

"There was 16 alone washed up in Kilkee strand during the week, and they were all just under a metre, around a metre, really really quite large.

"So you're not going to mistake them for the small common jellyfish and the compass jellyfish."

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