Posters saying 'Women can't be trusted' are fakes, says LoveBoth campaign

A number of posters currently displaying in Dublin with the LoveBoth logo are fakes, the pro-life campaign has said.

The posters, which include slogans such as "Women can’t be trusted", are not part of the LoveBoth campaign, "nor was the use of the LoveBoth logo or name authorised by the LoveBoth campaign", it has been confirmed.

LoveBoth spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said: “Placing fake posters to try and undermine the No campaign is only the latest in a series of attacks on our posters that have occurred, particularly in Dublin.”

She added: “We deplore the fact that certain groups and individuals have decided to engage in dirty tactics and attack the legitimate democratic expression of those who wish to protect women and unborn children from abortion on demand.”

- Digital desk

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