Partial lunar eclipse expected tonight

If you look to the skies tonight you should be able to see a partial lunar eclipse.

The phenomenon occurs when the Earth's shadow falls onto the top edge of the Moon, obscuring its visibility.

It's expected to be most obvious around midnight but we're being told to have a look at the Moon about two hours before for comparison.

David Moore from Astronomy Ireland describes what we can expect.

"Well the moon is almost going to go into the Earth's shadow. The top edge of the moon will dim away around the time of mid-eclipse which is just after midnight.

"So if you watch the moon, full-moon, an hour or two before that and then look at it at mid-eclipse you'll notice that the moon has just missed the Earth's shadow."

For those in the Leinster area an all night vigil is being organised to view the event at an "Eclipse Watch" from 10:30pm until 1am at Astronomy Ireland's Headquarters where some of the largest telescopes in Ireland are located.

"You don't need a telescope or binoculars to see this event so everyone in Ireland should be able to see the eclipse" said Mr Moore.

"Even if it is cloudy, you should keep checking the sky all evening as all you need is a tiny break in the clouds for a few seconds to see the eclipse." he said.

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