Mental health campaigners invite everyone to have a 'Facebook Free February'

Mental health campaigners are urging people to have a Facebook Free February.

It follows a study by the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark called the "The Facebook Experiment".

It found that social networking makes you 55% more likely to feel stressed, but taking a break leaves you 18% more likely to live in the moment.

After one week without Facebook, people felt they wasted their time less.

How To Do It

Prior to the 1st of February, set your profile photo to the FFF logo (can be found on the website) to promote the movement.

If you're feeling literary, why not write a short status giving your reasons for participating in FFF and maybe inspire others to take on the challenge also...

Challenge friends and family to a Facebook Free February.

On the 31st of January, deactivate your profile. Or just don't log in for the month. We find that deactivation makes it easier on oneself.

Enjoy your Facebook free month! Walk. Talk. Rest. Sing. Write. Paint. Cook. Dance. Use your new found time and mental freedom however you like.


Get out and get active.

Delete the Facebook & Messenger apps from your phone to help keep the cravings at bay.

If you need to contact someone on Facebook - get their phone number or email address before deactivating.

Concentrate on things in your real, physical life that make you happy on a day-to-day level just by doing them.

Re-establish traditional methods of communication - consider writing someone a letter/postcard or call a friend overseas for a chat.

Make the effort to make more physical connections - sit and chat with friends and family, visit people.

Check event guides/listings to see what's on and go see or do something you like.

Get an alarm clock for your room so you can leave your phone out of the bedroom.

Get a cheap digital watch to stop drawing your attention to your phone for time

Download the Quality Time App for Android to see how often you're checking your phone every day. See if it there's a change between being on/off Facebook.

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