Latest: Minister Ross to consult AG about outright rickshaw ban

Update 12.00pm: The Transport Minister plans to consult with the Attorney General about an outright ban on rickshaws.

Shane Ross is telling the Oireachtas Transport Committee that regulating the night time industry is too expensive, relative to the number of people who benefit from it.

Rickshaw drivers are exempt from bye-laws because they're technically pedal cyclists.

But the Minister has said most flout basic road safety rules.

He said: "Complaints range from blocking footpaths and forcing pedestrians onto the road, weaving recklessly in and out of traffic, taking little or no heed for the rules of the road, breaking red lights, driving the wrong way up a one way street, transporting passengers with little or no care for their safety.

"There have been collisions."

Earlier: The Transport Committee is set to discuss the regulation of rickshaws in Dublin and other cities later.

There are suggestions they may be banned, as regulating them would be costly and complicated.

Transport Minister Shane Ross is to update TDs and Senators about moves to bring the cycle-powered taxis into line with other public transport providers.

The National Transport Authority's been conducting a review of rickshaw operations.

Green Party councillor and chair of Dublin City Council transport committee Ciaran Cuffe said the situation in Dublin is out of hand.

He said: "They appear not to have insurance, and there has been documented evidence that they are crashing into cars and tumbling over with two or three passengers in them."

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