Latest: Housing Minister denies affordable homes will be reserved for 'essential careers'

Update 8.15pm: The Housing Minister says there's no truth to the rumours that some affordable houses are going to be reserved for those with essential careers.

It's after reports that some people like nurses or teachers would have houses set aside for them in new cost-rental schemes.

The first one was launched today consisting of 470 units of social and affordable housing at St Michael's estate in Inchicore, Dublin.

Local government TD Catherine Byrne raised concerns that people originally from the area still wouldn't be able to afford them and they'd go to people outside the area.

However, Minister Eoghan Murphy says the best developments involve a mix of people and dismissed suggestions that some would be reserved.

"We need to strike a balance here," said Minister Murphy.

"There's lots of important jobs in the economy. Some of them are in the public services, some of them support the public services or are related to them.

"To try to design a scheme where you are just saying 'these particular jobs' would be very difficult and potentially unfair.

"We'll do it based on connection to the area, either through work or throught the community or their means, and a few other criteria that are still being specified."

Earlier: Awkward scenes as party colleague interrupts Housing Minister to voice opposition to plans

Update 1pm: The Housing Minister has clashed with a party colleague at the launch of 470 new homes for Inchicore in Dublin.

There were awkward scenes as Eoghan Murphy launched the proposal for Emmet Road but his colleague Catherine Byrne announced she’s against it.

The Housing Minister arrived at Inchicore to announce the 470 new homes for the area at the old St Michael’s site under the country’s first Cost Rental Scheme.

Eoghan Murphy says this means the site will include social housing, with the remainder being rented out to people at affordable prices.

"We can allow people to be able to afford to rent in their own communities but we can also protect them from the very dramatic ups and downs we've seen in the rental market before," he said.

However, his party colleague and local TD Catherine Byrne interrupted the launch to voice her anger towards it.

"Was anybody here from the community in the consultation?" she asked.

Speaking afterwards, she said these homes still wouldn’t be affordable enough for many locals.

"I'm really upset and sad that Dublin City Council would come to this stage and have this launch now, when really there hasn't been an input from the wider community into it.

Among other things - this proposal would also dash hopes for St Pat’s Football Club to build a stadium nearby.

Dublin City Council would have to give its approval for the 470 units so it is in their hands whether it is given the green light or not.

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Earlier: Country’s first Cost Rental development to include 470 homes in Dublin

Update 11.50am: There are plans to build 470 new homes at Emmet Road in Inchicore, Dublin as part of the country’s first Cost Rental development.

It will include social houses with the remaining properties being rented out to people at affordable prices.

This proposal would dash hopes for St Pat’s Football Club to build a stadium in the area.

Earlier: St Pat's president urges fans not to picket Housing Minister's announcement

Update 8.35am: St Patrick's Athletic is urging supporters not to picket the announcement of housing plans for Dublin this morning.

It is expected the football club's bid to build a UEFA-grade stadium in Inchicore will be rejected.

The Housing Minister will today announce plans to build up to 500 homes on the former St Michael's Estate in Inchicore.

It dashes St Pat's hopes to build a UEFA-grade stadium, with some angry supporters planning to show up at the housing launch later this morning.

The club's president is urging them to stay away, and instead voice their opposition by phone, email and letter.

Tom O'Mahony says abusive protests could hurt any future chance of their plans being accepted.

"It has been brought to our attention that some of you may be planning to show your opposition to the Dublin City Council plans for St Michael's Estate by protesting outside the homes of local politicians or at the launch of the plans next Monday," Mr O'Mahony said.

"We strongly appeal to supporters NOT to do this. It will not help our cause and in fact is likely to damage it. We need the goodwill of local politicians if our alternative plans are to have any chance of being accepted.

"We do of course want you to engage with local politicians. Do so by phone, by e-mail, by letter, by talking to them in the course of their public engagements. Make your points in a friendly, reasonable manner and please don't be abusive in any way.

We know that many local politicians will be weighing up the Council's plans and deciding whether to support them or to argue for a rethink which would include our proposal. The last thing we need is to turn them against us!

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Earlier: Housing Minister to announce redevelopment plans on Dublin council lands

Update 7.10am: The Housing Minister will today announce redevelopment plans on council lands in Dublin.

Eoghan Murphy says the proposal for Emmet Road in Inchicore, will take account of the need to link the new development with adjoining communities and landmarks.

Meanwhile, it was reported over the weekend the government is set make hundreds of new homes available to "essential" public sector workers such as doctors and nurses.

A scheme to make affordable housing linked to professions is being considered.

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