Latest: Childline 'here to listen' as Junior Cert students get results today

Latest: Childline 'here to listen' as Junior Cert students get results today

Update 11.20am: The ISPCC has today reminded young people receiving their Junior Cert results about Childline’s range of services.

Thousands of teenagers across Ireland will receive their Junior Cert results this week in what can be a very exciting time for students.

However, it can leave some young people anxious and others may be disappointed or concerned about their results.

Teenagers call Childline to access free, confidential support and information by phone 24 hours a day on 1800 666666, where staff are on hand to listen in a non-judgemental way.

Childline can also be contacted by texting the word: ‘talk’ to 50101 (from 10pm to 4am) or via live online chat on (from 10am to 4am),

Director of services for the ISPCC, Caroline O’Sullivan, today said: “Congratulations to everyone getting their results. The Junior Cert is a big milestone for young people and there is rightly excitement around the achievements.

“While it’s important to mark this occasion, it’s even more important to stay safe. Some Junior Cert students may come under pressure to drink alcohol or do things they aren’t comfortable with.

“For some people, their results might be a bit disappointing. It is important to remember that your exam results don’t define you as a person.

“We encourage young people to talk about how they are feeling to friends or family, especially if they are concerned about their results or indeed how to deal with any peer pressure. Alternatively, and at any time day or night, they can contact Childline which is always here to listen.”


More than 60,000 students will get their Junior Cert results this morning. 

It is the last year of the exam in its current form as the Government introduces controversial reforms.

Tens of thousands of students will get their results this morning after sitting their exams in June. 

Education Minister Richard Bruton says it's a milestone moment for many students and congratulated those getting their results. 

The teachers union of Ireland also congratulated students and said it is key they stay in education to complete the Leaving Cert or LC Applied.

They have also used the opportunity to call on the restoration of guidance counsellor provision to help students. 

Director of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) Clive Byrne said:“On behalf of principals throughout the country, I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to students who today see the fruits of their hard work over the last three years.

“I also wish to thank teachers, families and friends for their support throughout the exams and indeed the entire Junior Certificate cycle”

The completion of the Junior Certificate cycle is an important moment in a student’s educational development. It prepares them for the Leaving Certificate cycle and the decisions that need to be made for further education.

“These are exciting times for our education system in Ireland. With reform of curriculums and the introduction of diverse subjects such as Politics and Society, our students are being readily equipped for their journey beyond secondary school.

“We are also seeing the benefits of initiatives such as Project Maths which has seen an increase in students taking Higher Level Maths at both Junior and Leaving Cert level.

“While it is important that the students receiving their results now take time to carefully consider the subjects they will take for the Leaving Certificate cycle, for today I would encourage them to reflect on their achievements to date and celebrate in a responsible manner. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them the best in the coming years.”

It's the last time students will get results from the traditional Junior Cert - with reforms to English and the new Junior Cycle framework taking place this year, despite the protests of teachers.  Students will naturally celebrate the results - but Alcohol Action Ireland are warning that drink should play no part in the celebrations for junior cert students. 

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