Kenny tells Adams: 'You don't believe in EU'

There have been robust exchanges in the Dáil between the yes and no sides in the EU Fiscal Treaty referendum campaign.

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said the Government had failed to explain to people that the treaty would cost the country billions more in cuts and tax hikes.

But Enda Kenny hit back at Mr Adams, claiming Sinn Féin was against the EU, and opposed to investment in Ireland by overseas companies.

"This (austerity) is going to continue for another three years (with) another €8.6bn in cuts and tax increases," said Gerry Adams.

Addressing the Taoiseach, he said: "The citizens want to know where you're going to get the money to pay for the gardaí, the nurses and the other public services."

Enda Kenny replied: "You don't believe in the eurozone. You don't believe in the euro. You don't believe in the European Union. You don't believe actually, if you follow your own logic, that companies abroad should invest in this country."

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