Kenny: Criminal investigation into Maurice McCabe affair not ruled out

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has not ruled out a criminal investigation into the Maurice McCabe affair as the controversy threatens to engulf the Government.

As Sinn Fein prepares to table a no confidence motion when the Dail returns on Tuesday, Mr Kenny said the Government would have to wait for the Charleton Commission of Investigation to get underway before deciding the next course of action.

But he did not rule out the possibility of a criminal probe.

"In order to have a criminal investigation you have to evidence of criminality. As the Charleton inquiry gets underway, who knows what may arise here. So, I don’t rule that out, he told RTE.

He said he hoped the forthcoming inquiry would help to get to the truth.

"The central issue here is, was there a programme of systemic doing-down of Sgt McCabe based on erroneous sexual allegations and rumours by senior police?

"It is about the truth and I hope that we can find that in the shortest time and provide justice and understanding so the people of the country that they can trust the system."

The Taoiseach was also asked about the false and damaging rumours circulating about Mr McCabe.

"I don't deal in rumours or allegations or hearsay. I have to deal in fact".

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