Justice Minister risks seat by not making judgement on Tullamore teen facing deportation - Offaly TD

An Offaly TD believes the Justice Minister is risking his seat by not making a judgement on a Tullamore teen facing deportation.

Carol Nolan was speaking following a demonstration in Leinster House when Nonso Moujeke, his family and classmates of the Tullamore College student handed in a 22,000 signature petition to allow him to stay.

Minister Flanagan has said once the case is through the courts he will assess and review the file properly.

Nonso Muojeke via @SaveNonso/Twitter

From the next General Election, Laois and Offaly will be merged into a single five-seater consistency.

Deputy Nolan, speaking to Midlands 103, said that given the volume of signatures waiting may not be a wise move from the Minister.

"People are very, very anxious to have this matter resolved and to have then Minister intervene in a positive manner.

"Should the Minister not do that I certainly do think there could be implications for him in the new constituency.

"I mean if we just even look at the petition there it has 22,000 signatures. So I mean that says it all, doesn't it? The volume of support that this family has got."

Nonso Muojeke and his family have lived in Tullamore for the last 11 years but now face having to return to Nigeria, after they were denied asylum.

Those supporting the Save Nonso campaign have explained that Mr Muojeke's father died in 2006. The 14-year-old's mother came to Ireland the following year with Nonso and his brother.

Speaking for the campaign Nonso’s teacher Joe Caslin said: "Nonso has lived virtually his whole life here - over 11 years.

"Forcing him to leave the only home he knows will inflict great harm on this young boy.

"Minister Charles Flanagan has the power to keep Nonso where he belongs - with his friends and community who love and care for him in Tullamore."

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