Ireland's very own 'horse-whisperer' using Reiki to heal injured animals in Meath

By Louise Walsh

Equine lovers from across the country are flocking to a Meath energy healer who uses Reiki to help injured horses.

Sharon O'Farrell (45) from Beauparc, Navan has been called on by both horse owners and trainers to work on their animals in the past number of years.

Sharon O'Farrell. Photo: Seamus Farrelly.

She is one of the few specialists in Ireland who combines energy healing, Reiki with the use of Aura-Soma colour therapy to ease conditions including physical injuries, shock, pain and even grief.

The psychotherapist's equine energy work has even been recognised with an award from the Irish Field.

She worked with a large number of horses across Ireland before taking a career break to live in New York for five years.

Now barely home a few months and the Reiki Master is already inundated with requests from old and new clients asking for her help with their horses - including show-jumpers and race-horses.

"People are now beginning to realise the benefits that animals get from healing body, mind and soul.

"Horses, like animals are very sensitive to subtle energy and are very intuitive. They have feelings and emotions and can be affected from grief, abuse or just frustration from being misunderstood."

"I practice Energy Healing, Reiki and Aura-Soma on all animals but I'm particularly partial to horses because I've been horse-riding for about 25 years and have had an affinity with animals since I was a child"

"The holistic system can be very effective in treating stress and trauma as well as improving confidence and relaxing a horse before travel or a race."

"Everything in nature is a complex system of energy fields and I tap into the electro-magnetic field to restore a positive energy flow into the animal's body, correcting imbalance and promoting faster healing.

Sharon O'Farrell. Photo: Seamus Farrelly.

"All old school thinking would tell you that all animals are colour blind but they appear to respond to colour healing.

"I remember using the Aura-Soma orange on a horse that had turned very agitated after a fall. It was amazing. In just minutes, his eyes relaxed, his head dropped, his gut gurgled and his stomach grew tender showing all of the relaxation responses.

"Orange is a shock absorber and drew the shock away. His owner couldn't believe the sudden change in the horse.

"I think years ago, a vet would fix a horse and that was it but now all breeders and trainers are beginning to recognise that, like people, you can't just treat the mind and body as a standalone - you have to heal the energy or the soul as well."

However, the horse lover stressed the importance of veterinary care, which should not be overlooked when a horse needs any care.

"Energy healing and colour healing is not a substitute for good veterinary care, but can be a wonderful adjunct to it. Please see your vet for any concerns you may have about your horse," she concluded.

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