Ireland should re-join Commonwealth says FG Senator Feighan

A Fine Gael senator has suggested Ireland should re-join the Commonwealth on the eve of the Brexit uote in the United Kingdom, writes Daniel McConnell, Irish Examiner Political Editor. .

Roscommon senator and ex-TD Frank Feighan said returning to the Commonwealth after more than six decades would lead to a strengthening of Ireland’s “economic and cultural ties internationally”.

Speaking on the Seanad Order of Business, Mr Feighan said: “Among the Commonwealth’s many noble objectives is the promotion of democracy, rule of law, human rights, good governance and social and economic development.

“Yes, there will be detractors from obvious quarters about the notion of re-joining the Commonwealth but would such a move not fit perfectly with this new era of political and religious tolerance on our islands?

Fianna Fail Senator Mark Daly appeared to scoff at Mr Feighen’s suggestion, saying: “We did not see that in the Fine Gael manifesto”.

Undeterred, Mr Feighen added: "Would rejoining not help further develop a pluralist Ireland where all our different identities are always mutually recognised and respected? Would it also not just strengthen existing trade, business, cultural and political relationships but nurture new ones across the world?"

Ireland left the Commonweal in the 1949 after being declared a Republic.

Queen Elizabeth II is the designated head of the British Commonwealth. The Queen is recognised as monarch in 16 of the 53 Commonwealth countries across the world.

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