'I never thought Tina would get up and leave like this': Husband of missing woman appeals for her to get in touch

The husband of missing woman Tina Satchwell has made a public appeal for his wife's return and revealed she left their home last March with a large sum of cash, writes Denise O'Donoghue.

Sharing some details about the morning he last saw Tina, Richard Satchwell said there were no clues that day that she was planning to leave, but says that he now recognises some warning signs from previous months.

"There was nothing that morning to suggest that anything was going to happen," he told the Neil Prendeville Show on Cork’s Red FM. "But when you sit down and look back you can actually see signs in hindsight. It seems that you don't register until something happens. There was differences here and there."

Richard said Tina had recently transferred their TV licence over to his name, a move that was very unusual for her as she preferred to be in charge of household bills.

"When you look back in hindsight they could be picked up as signs that something was on her mind," he said.

Tina left her ATM card behind, but Richard says she could last a long time without using it as she left home with took a significant sum of money.

"She took a large amount of cash. I'd say it would last a long time. She had a considerable amount of money."

Richard said Tina had been feeling down for a number of months, and she spent many nights crying in his arms.

"She was always a happy-go-lucky person and the last few months she spent a lot of time crying in my arms at night time. When you think back you'd say to yourself, 'what could I have done different?'

"I had an idea [why she was crying] but she wouldn't really open up on it, which, to be honest with you, was unusual because we could talk about anything.

"I wouldn't say [Tina was] clinically depressed or anything like that, just a major form of upsetness heading to depression."

Richard, who is working as a delivery driver, said he immediately assumed his wife had gone to stay with members of her family in Fermoy, but once he realised she wasn't there three days later he contacted the gardaí.

"I never thought Tina would get up and leave like this. I still can't believe she's not been in touch with somebody. Somebody has to know something," he said.

"I've hopped out of the truck on two occasions thinking it was her and it wasn't. It's always constantly in my head.

"What she's done is totally out of character and equally as big a shock to me is the fact that she left Ruby the chihuahua behind. In the three years that we had her, she didn't go out of the house 15 times without her.

"I've made my entire life about my wife. She's my best friend, she's my soulmate, she literally is all my life."

He told Prendeville he doesn't believe his wife would harm herself or take her own life.

"I'm getting panicky, more panicky than ever before, but I maintained from day one she's too much in love with herself I think to harm herself.

"Any member of the family or people from Fermoy would tell you Tina loves herself more than what she loves anything else on the planet. She's totally in love with the way she looks and everything.

"I think personally, she's too vain to do anything to herself. I've always seen it as a good thing, it's one of the things I've always loved about her."

Richard has asked his wife to make contact so he and her family will know she is safe.

"Get in touch. Even if it's a letter. Even if it's the last thing she ever says to me, if she doesn't want to know me.

"If she turned around and said 'look, Richard, I think we've run our course, I don't want you anymore', fine. At least we'll know she's safe. She knows me. She knows my arms are always open here."

Tina, 45, has been missing from her home in Grattan Street in Youghal, Co. Cork since March 24. She is 5”6, of medium build with blue eyes and blonde shoulder length hair.

Anybody with information is being asked to contact Midleton garda station on (021) 4621550 or the Garda Confidential line 1800 666 111.

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