Housing, poverty and access to jobs worrying young people

Housing, poverty and access to jobs worrying young people

Younger people, especially those under 30, are faring worse than pensioners in the current economy.

A new report by the economists at the ESRI highlights that housing and poverty are worrying younger citizens, while older members of society have problems with poor health and personal safety.

The study, using Central Statistics Office (CSO) date from 2013, looked at 11 types of quality-of-life problems* and examined how different issues affect different people depending on their age and social status.

Young adults, especially those under 30, were most likely and adults over 70 were least likely to experience multiple problems from the group of 11 studied. The rate of multiple problems was 1.8 times higher for the younger than the older age group.

Younger adults were more likely to report issues with financial strain, crowded accommodation and deprivation, each of which accounted for 11 to 13 per cent of the issues reported by multiply deprived adults under 30.

Research professor with the ESRI Dorothy Watson said: "Younger adults in Ireland are facing particular stresses at the moment due to the difficulties in moving into employment and...into the housing market.

"So they're hit by two sets of major issues."

* The 11 types of quality-of-life problems were: income poverty, being unable to afford basic goods and services, financial strain, poor health, mental distress, housing quality problems, crowded accommodation, neighbourhood problems, mistrust in institutions (such as the political system, legal system and police), lack of social support and feeling unsafe in the local area.

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