Here are some of the excuses people are giving to dump unwanted pets

We are a month away from Christmas and already people have been dumping unwanted puppies and kittens across Dublin.

A very concerned DSPCA says they have been asked to rehome nearly 50 dogs and cats in the past week alone.

The society's Gillian Bird says among the excuses they have heard is that a dog did not fit into a newly decorated kitchen, their animals are smelly, and a four-month-old puppy "grew too big".

She said: "Some of them are legitimate where people are actually saying they can't keep their animals because they are moving house or their job has changed or their circumstances have changed.

"But there a couple that are coming in now that are a little bit cheeky about it, where somebody has given us t heir dog because it has got too big for them, and we have situations where people are telling us they just can't cope with too many dogs and would we take away the one that's the naughtiest."

She is appealing for anyone considering a 'fur baby' to remember that kittens and puppies do grow up.

She said: "It's something that people have to think about carefully, this is not like a battery operated toy or soft toy that can be put in the cupboard when it's not wanted.

"This is an animal that's going to need constant attention, continual training, continual work to make it fit in with the family life.

"It's not the sort of thing that you can get, love for a little while and then put out in the back garden, or worse call a rescue centre in a year's time and say you don't want it anymore."

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