Family Court grant mothers barring or safety orders against abusive children

A distraught mother who was was given a five-year safety order against her teenage daughter was among a number who were granted barring or safety orders against their abusive children at the Family Court, reports Liz Farsaci.

The daughter, who just completed her Leaving Cert, suffers from bipolar disorder the mother told the Dublin District Family Court.

She said her daughter recently went on medication and had been feeling better, but a psychologist recommended that she stop taking sleeping tablets as they are highly addictive. “And now the anxiety is back,” the mother said.

“She’s full of anxiety at the moment, but I would like a protection order, just for myself,” the mother said. “This is a horrible thing to have to do to your child – but I have to do it. I told her, ‘I don’t have to take this abuse. I wouldn’t take it off your father’. It doesn’t affect her, it affects the whole family.

“This all kicked off two years ago, and I started to lose a grip on her,” continued the mother, who at first thought her daughter’s issues were down to teenage hormones. “She was roaring, banging on doors. She caused murder in the house.

“These two years have been very hard. I told her, ‘Even though I’m your mammy, I don’t have to put up with this, and neither does your dad.”

Judge Ann Ryan granted the mother a five-year safety order against her daughter.

In a separate case, an elderly mother was granted a barring order against her adult son.

The mother told Judge Ryan that her son “terrorises” her in order to control her.

“I’m always looking over my shoulder,” the mother said. “He’s a very dangerous child – he’s very child-like. He’s not like you and me. I’m terrified of him.”

A couple of years ago, when he was last in her home, her son produced a knife and said if she ever did anything to him, he’ll use it, the mother told the court.

She said her son often stays with her daughter, and she needs protection for when she calls round to see her.

“In his eyes, I’ve killed him,” the mother said. “He said he’ll get me going round the corner to my daughter’s house.

“He was a different kid and then as a teenager I had to get a protection order. We knew something was wrong with him. This has been my life for years.”

Judge Ryan granted the mother a three-year barring order against her son.

Another mother in a separate case was also granted a barring order against her son.

The mother told Judge Ryan that earlier this week, her grown son, who spent time in prison, was in her house, and very drunk. She said he started shouting and screaming and threw some plastic objects at her eye. He also held her wrists, she said.

All this took place in front of her young daughter. “I don’t want to live like this anymore,” the mother said.

The son knew about the case, the mother said, but was not present in court, having told her that he would not be attending.

“You’re obviously very frightened of him,” said Judge Ryan, who granted the mother a three-year barring order.

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