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#Elections2019: Labour 'satisfied' with local election results

The Labour Party is "satisfied" with the results of the local elections so far.

Senator Ged Nash said the party has seen "moderate and incremental" increases.

"We're satisfied with the results, we're still the fourth largest party in the country in terms of local government, that's something that satisfies us, our increases have been moderate and incremental, we understand and appreciate that and we always reflect after every election."

He detailed some of Labour's successes around the country.

"We've had the best performance in our history in the Louth and Meath Dail constituency, we picked up two additional seats, we've had poll-topping performances, young leaders like Ali Haughey come through, we've John Maher back in business in Cork city council, we've picked up three seats in Waterford.

Our recovery in Louth as down to hard work, where there was an appalling result for Sinn Fein, realistically our candidates were the most hardworking in the area.

Mr Nash said he expects the party to also gain seats in the next general election.

"We define ourselves with what we are for, we consider ourselves to be on the constructive left, we have always delivered for communities.

"We're prepared to reach out beyond our own silo to reach out and appeal to green voters.

"We're very optimistic that we will gain seats in the next general election, like Louth."

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