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Election candidate campaigning against anti-social behaviour has car vandalised

Noreen Murphy's car following the vandalism.

A Cork City Council election candidate who has campaigned against illegal dumps and anti-social behaviour has been subjected to vandalism at her home.

Independent candidate Noreen Murphy has expressed disappointment at the dumping of muck and farm waste over her car which was parked in the drive of her home in Ballyvolane on the northside of the city.

Ms Murphy says she will not be forced in to silence on illegal dumping by mindless bullies.

"Our home was targeted last night in, what I believe, is an attempt to intimidate me into silence over the illegal dumping in the area. Or maybe it is because I’m running in the election," she said.

My car was vandalised in my drive. A load of muck was thrown over the gate on top of my car, probably as a warning to back down. The gardaí were here and are now investigating it.

Ms Murphy said she is not going to apologise for wanting her kids to breathe clean safe air.

“I am certainly not going to apologise for wanting every child, woman and man in my community to be healthy and safe.

"The council removed five tonnes of asbestos from Ellis’s Yard (an illegal dumping site). Every single person in this community was at risk of cancer. Every child and every adult is now safer, and no, I won’t be apologising for helping to stop that."

The Cork City Fire Brigade has been called to dozens of fires at Ellis’s yard which is an illegal dumping ground.

Earlier this year Noreen gathered items from the dump and brought them to Cork City Hall in a bid to highlight what she calls the serious health and safety issues.

"Burning rubbish releases poisonous fumes that can also kill or cause terrible disease."

The people who profit from illegal dumping, who poison our communities do not care if your child is sick as long as they are making money. They do not care if your child has lung cancer or asthma.

They do not care if your mother is choking and spends half her life with an oxygen mask. They only care about making money regardless of the human suffering."

She has urged householders not to engage with illegal rubbish collectors.

"When the cheap rubbish collectors come to your door, think of a child on an oxygen mask in a hospital. Think of a grandmother with lung cancer or emphysema fighting for her life.

"And just think, they could be your family. Is it worth it?"

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