Dublin's Eilis Ryan announces intention to run for European seat

Workers Party councillor Eilis Ryan has revealed that she will contest the European elections next year in the Dublin region.

The socialist and feminist is one of the first figures to confirm she will put her name forward for the May 2019 elections.

Ireland is due to get another two seats after Britain leaves the European Union, bringing its total tally in the European parliament to 13.

However, this is unlikely to be formally confirmed until December. Furthermore, it is unclear yet where the extra seats might go.

Speaking today, Ms Ryan, who represents the North Inner City for Dublin City, said: "Europe has been the source of some of the most destructive decisions our country has seen over the past few decades.

"However, it has also been used as a scapegoat by our own right-wing governments, to shift the blame for their own destructive decisions.

"Whether on militarisation, on bailing out the banks, or on environmentally destructive trade agreements, successive Fianna Fáíl, Fine Gael and Labour governments have worked hand in glove with elitist eurocrats to worsen the living standards of working people across Europe".

Other parties are considering who to field in the European elections. A number of names have been linked with Fianna Fáil, including former GOAL boss Barry Andrews as well as a number of its TDs. Sinn Fein will also contest all constituencies.

Other parties will campaign to retain seats, such as the likes of Sean Kelly in Ireland South for Fine Gael.

Ms Ryan added: “Working people need consistent and principled socialist opposition to the alliance between right-wing national governments and their ideological counterparts in Europe. That is why I am running for a European seat next May.”

Prior to her election on Dublin city council, Éilis worked for human rights and community development organisations in Ireland, Asia as well as Latin America. She is a member of the community sector of SIPTU and was a shop steward previously.

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