Data Protection Commissioner issues new GDPR guidelines after communion confusion

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The Data Protection Commissioner has had to issue new guidelines after some schools banned photos at communions.

A number of principals have issued a warning to parents at events like communions, confirmations and sports days - citing GDPR.

However, the Data Protection Commissioner says that there is nothing under the new privacy rules stopping people from taking pictures in public.

According to the Irish Independent, the DPC has had to issue new guidelines because of confusion among parents, teachers and children's organisations over the issue.

"There is nothing under the GDPR prohibiting people from taking photos in a public place," the DPC say on their website, referencing school events.

"However, whether you can publish a photograph to a broad-based audience is a different question. In other words, taking a photo in public is generally fine; it’s what you do with that photo that can potentially become a data protection issue," the post explains.

"A lot of the time, families taking photos at these kind of events are simply doing so for reminiscence’s sake and they don’t intend to post or publish the photos anywhere. This type of activity falls under the so-called 'household exemption' under the GDPR, which provides that the GDPR does not apply when a person processes personal data," the DPC clarifies.

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