Council 'above reproach', says TD, as Kerry gardaí investigate electoral register allegations

Kerry TD John Brassil, who says Kerry County Council is “above reproach” with regard to the allegations.

Kerry TD John Brassil has said that Kerry County Council is “above reproach” with regard to allegations of interference with the county’s supplementary register of electors.

The Fianna Fáil representative was responding to reports that Gardaí are making enquiries into allegations of interference.

The allegations centre on the charge that a person gathered up forms for applications to the supplementary register of electors, got them signed by members of the public, and then may have had an individual Garda stamp them without being in the presence of the people to whom the forms relate.

Mr Brassil told RTE Radio’s News at One that these are preliminary enquiries and he hopes that they do not lead to any charges.

The integrity of the register of electors is “sacrosanct”, he said.

"If there is any suspicion of irregularity a full investigation has to be carried out," he added.

Mr Brassil said that he would welcome any move to clear up the situation, saying: "The issue emphasised the importance of every vote."

He pointed out that at the last election as few as three and five votes separated the three candidates in the last count.

“Every vote counts and they all have to be 100% above board.”

He said there was a suspicion that anything between 100 and 300 forms may be involved.

“Kerry County Council are above reproach. They have to take every form they get at face value. They have no reason to believe other than that.”

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