Cork ‘bin police’ could hand out fines of up to €2,500

‘Bin police’ will be able to call to homes and businesses and demand receipts for rubbish disposal under a tough new waste management regime in Cork City.

The public could also face fines of up to €2,500 for putting recyclables into their rubbish bins or for not storing bins properly.

The proposals are contained in a set of draft waste management bylaws published yesterday by Cork City Council for public consultation. The bylaws will govern the storage, segregation and presentation of household and commercial waste in the council’s administrative area.

The council’s director of services Valerie O’Sullivan said the city spends some €6.7m annually keeping the city clean and tackling illegal dumping. “These draft bylaws which are now open to public consultation, are aimed at further improving waste management in the city. We want to hear the views of businesses and residents,” she said.

Submissions have been invited until November 16 to inform a report for city councillors who will ultimately decide when to enact the new laws.

They aim to:

  • Ensure all citizens dispose of their waste by using an authorised waste contractor, by taking it to an authorised waste facility, or by a “sharing bins” agreement;
  • Maximise the use of wheelie bins and limit the areas where bags can be presented;
  • Restrict the presentation of waste in bags to designated households only;
  • Ensure that documentation or receipts are kept to demonstrate proper disposal of waste if wheelie bins or bags are not used;
  • Ensure the proper segregation of waste at source;
  • Restrict the storage of wheelie bins on public roads or footpaths, unless the householder or business has written authorisation;
  • And introduce fixed penalty notices for those who breach bylaws.

Further proposed restrictions will prohibit the presentation of kerbside waste for collection in the city centre before 3am on the designated collection day. And bins must be returned to the storage area by 2pm.

Outside the city centre, it will be prohibited to present bins for collection before 9pm on the night before and bins must be back in storage by 7pm on collection day.

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