Conor McGregor on business, babies, Bebo and wedding bells

The Notorious Conor McGregor has revealed he has his sights set on equity in the UFC, writes Sally Gorman.

According to the MMA superstar, he is "very young in the game" and will continue to fight but for a "price".

He said: "We are in negotiation stage but I most certainly will compete again, a new deal is being talked about."

At this stage in the game the only thing that interests McGregor is "longevity, equity in the company and to be a part of the organisation as a whole."

Despite suffering defeat to Floyd Mayweather in the ring this summer, the UFC fighter believes that compared to other people in the fight game, he is "relatively undamaged."

He said: "I have never been dropped, I was wobbled once, in the Mayweather fight I was fatigue, I didn't see stars once."

The Dubliner appeared on the tonight's Late Late Show where he told Ryan "it's good to be back."

He spoke very proudly of Ireland and commended his Irish following.

He said: "Ireland is home, I always carry Ireland with me anywhere I go on the planet and the Irish come with me wherever I go.

"It's always good to come back here and feel the support of my home country."

The 29-year old has appeared on the Late Late Show numerous times but was quick to remind Tubridy that he no longer earns more than the UFC champ.

He laughed: "You were richer than me the last time I came on this show, not no more!"

But McGregor admitted fame was never on the agenda.

He said: "Fame was never something I seeked, I seeked financial security for myself and my family, now I have a young son and that motivates me even more."


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Conor told Ryan that Junior's birth "could not have came at a better time."

He said: "The fight was done, the two belts were by my side and now Dee was pregnant, it was perfect."

He even admitted that the birth of his son has made him "softer" where he needs to soften up.

He joked: "I'm like a pro with the baby, nappies, the whole lot!

"I am very proud, I'm overcome with joy and love and I never thought I would be that way.

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The Dubliner also revealed he met his better half Dee Devlin on Bebo.

He said the social media platform played a big part in the development of their relationship.

He laughed: "A like here, a like there and then a message."

Admiring his girlfriend, Conor said: "She is a boss of her own.

"She is a powerful, strong-minded woman and I am blessed to have her by my side."

However there is no sign of wedding bells just yet.

When Ryan questioned why the millionaire hasn't bought her a ring yet, Conor responded quickly with "give me a second, we just dropped a bloody bomb on the christening for the young boy!"

#proudfamily 💙

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Conor told how his family's financial situation was one of his main motivations.

He said: "I wanted to take those stresses away from them, that was something that motivated me, to be able to take those financial worries away.

"We have risen up together, they supported me all the way through."

The Notorious also claims passion is the key to his success.

He said: "Get involved in things you're passionate about, that's why everything I'm doing is going so well."

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