Climate change activists end occupation of government building

Update 4.28pm: A group of activists have ended their occupation of the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment in Dublin.

They voluntarily left the Department's offices after a short non-violent protest demanding greater government action on climate change.

The group says it met with the General Secretary of the Department who was presented with a list of 22 demands.

Chloe Manahan - one of the activists involved - said she believes young people will be forced to take more responsibility on climate change in future.

"We think that the level of political apathy towards climate change is something that's going to force responsibility onto young people in the future," she said.

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Earlier: Climate change activists are occupying government building

Update 2.10pm: A group of activists has occupied the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment in Dublin.

They are demanding greater government action to tackle climate change.

Activists from the Green Party, Labour Party, People Before Profit and the Dublin Ecofeminist Coven are involved.

It coincides with environmental groups around the world demonstrating at the COP 24 climate change conference in Poland.

Chloe Manahan, one of the activists involved, outlines their demands: "We demand the passage of the micro-generation bill, the climate emergency bill, we're calling for the smooth transition over to a green economy among other things.

"We have occupied the Department of Climate Action, Communications and the Environment because we are hoping we can meet with the minister or the next-highest official in order to get a guarantee that those bills will not be filibustered."

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