Charlie Flanagan outlines 'damaging consequences' of travel ban to US National Security Advisor

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan has expressed the concern of the Irish people at Donald Trump's immigration controls in a meeting at the White House.

Charlie Flanagan met the President's National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, as part of his three-day visit to the US.

According to the Irish Times, the minister said he pointed out the "damaging consequences in humanitarian terms" of the executive order.

Today, the minister is also scheduled to meet speaker of the House of Representative Paul Ryan, the most senior Republican in Capital Hill. He will also meet Nancy Pelosi for the Democrats.

Other issues that are expected to be raised include the peace process, the case of the 50,000 undocumented Irish in the US and Ireland’s concerns about Brexit.

Meanwhile, overnight, Donald Trump announced his nominee to fill a gap in the US Supreme Court.

Larry Donnelly is a Law Lecturer at NUI Galway, and he says Neil Gorsuch is a conservative figure.

At 49, he is the youngest nominee in 25 years and could help shape America's legal landscape for decades to come, and his appointment would restore the conservative five-to-four majority on the nine-seat court.

Mr Donnelly said: "Make no mistake, this is one of the reasons why Donald Trump was able to capture the support of people on the right wing in the Republic Party and the evangelical movement.

"It was because he pledged to them that very early on he would appoint very conservative judges, and certainly Neil Gorsuch fits that mould."

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