Carer tells murder trial of morning she found bodies of elderly brothers in Mayo

A carer who looked after two elderly brothers in County Mayo has told the Central Criminal Court about the morning she found their bodies in their home.

She was giving evidence at the murder trial of Alan Cawley from Four Winds in Corrimbla, Ballina.

He admits beating Tom and Jack Blaine to death in July 10, 2013, but has pleaded not guilty to their murder.

Helen Maloney said she had known the Blaine brothers for nine years. She described them as “two absolute gentlemen” who were a pleasure to look after.

She said they were affectionately known around Castlebar as “the boys” and were loved by everybody.

She said: "They gave so much love and respect to me. They'll be in my mind until the day I die. I loved them dearly, and so did the people of Castlebar."

Alan Cawley. Pic: Keith Heneghan.

At 7.15am on the morning of July 10, 2013, she said called to their home on New Antrim Street. The front door was unlocked.

When she went in she called out “are ye ready to rock n roll!?” It was something she called out every day she arrived, but that morning she said she got no reply.

She said she looked to her right and saw Tom lying on his bedroom floor. She said his legs were still on his bed and he was covered in blood.

She said there was also a pool of blood on the bed and bloody handprints on the walls.

She said she ran outside to raise the alarm and then went looking for Tom’s brother Jack. His bedroom was ransacked but he was not there.

She said she thought he might be hiding, but found him lying on the floor at the back door half-in, half-out. She said he was also covered in blood.

A local publican Michael ‘Rocky’ Moran said he went into the house after hearing Helen screaming that the boys were dead. The court heard he is also the local undertaker and described what he saw as one of the worst sights he has ever seen.

The trial has already heard the bachelors died from injuries sustained during what the prosecution described as a "vicious assault".

There was also evidence that Jack Blaine had been scalded when a hot liquid was poured over him while he was in a seated position.

Alan Cawley admits killing the two bachelors, so the main issue to be decided is whether he is guilty of murder or the lesser charge of manslaughter.

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