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Bruton: 'Spotlight' now on Government to deliver climate change plan

Fine Gael TD Richard Bruton at the Local and European Elections and divorce referendum counts in the RDS, Dublin. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

Energy Minister Richard Bruton has committed to publishing the government's climate change plan and called for a “public buy-in" of measures necessary to reduce carbon output.

Reacting the wave of support for the Green Party, Mr Bruton said there was an agreement for carbon pricing and taxes and this would be "essential" when the plan is unveiled.

The Green Party look set to multiply their 12-seat local council numbers and could also win as many as three MEP seats during counts this weekend.

Other parties, privately, are insisting they have campaigned and proposed solutions to climate change concerns for years. But Mr Bruton declined to say if the green surge for voters would force the government to make their plans even more radical.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, the energy minister admitted the "spotlight" was now on the government to deliver the long-awaited strategy.

The key was “mobilising” every home and community, said Mr Bruton.

And a “buy-in” for years with new climate measures would be needed by families and households, he added.

“Carbon pricing was essential" in the climate change plan, said Mr Bruton, and the strategy would be published before the Dail summer break.

The major parties have been overwhelmed by the extent of the support for the Green Party, with one exit poll now predicting they have the support of up to 9% of voters.

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