Barnardos: One in nine children go to bed hungry

One in 9 children will go to bed hungry tonight because they are living in poverty.

The children's charity Barnardos is asking us to remember that, as it hits the streets all over the country for its annual fundraiser.

CEO Fergus Finlay says children living in poverty spend their childhood excluded from things that many consider basics.

"A child in consistent poverty typically won't have enough nutrition in his or her diet, they won't have warm clothes in the winter, they won't have good shoes when the rain is pouring down out of the heavens and they won't have treats in their lives," said Mr Finlay.

"They live from day-to-day without a huge amount of expectation."

He added: "Children living in poverty spend their childhood on the margins, excluded from many things that are considered basics in society, the things that every little boy and girl deserve.

"We know that tonight, 1 in 9 children will go to bed hungry because they are living in poverty, this quite simply isn’t good enough."

Barnardos collectors will be out in your local area today or you can donate online at or by texting ‘BARNARDOS’ to 50300.

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