Bank holiday weekend to be 10 degrees colder than last weekend

It is set to be very chilly this bank holiday weekend.

Snow and hail is forecast with temperatures dropping to minus three overnight in places.

A dusting of snow is most likely on higher ground in Connacht and Ulster.

Met Eireann's Pat Clarke says a drop in temperature will be felt over the long weekend.

"It is the first real cold spell in particular in contrast to last weekend when we had temperatures from 15-18 degrees," he said.

"This weekend we'll have temperatures more typically 6-10 degrees by day.

"It's going to be very cold at night too and as the weekend goes on a lot more frost and some icy patches on roads."

As the weather gets colder, the ISPCA is reminding pet owners to keep their pets away from antifreeze and clean up any spills immediately.

One vet practice said they have seen three cases of cats poisoned by antifreeze in the past two weeks. Cats only have a 5% survival rate after ingesting the coolant.

It only takes 1 millilitre per kilogram of body weight ingested to prove fatal for a cat. Antifreeze is just as toxic for dogs.

If signs of poising are caught early (within 3 hours) vets can administer an antidote, though it is not guaranteed to work.

The best thing pet owners can do is take preventative measures: ensure antifreeze is stored securely out of reach of pets, consider bringing outdoor cats indoors, keeps dogs on a lead when out for a walk, and wipe your pet’s paws after they have been outside.

If you suspect your pet may have antifreeze poisoning, contact your vet immediately.

    The ISPCA is highlighting additional safety tips for pets in cold weather:

  • Bring dogs on more frequent, but shorter walks so they spend less time exposed to the cold.
  • Consider getting a pet jacket for older or thinner dogs that are more sensitive to cold.
  • If you are concerned about your dog being outside in the cold, look for indoor agility classes in your area.
  • Ensure outdoor cats have somewhere warm and dry to sleep, and bring dogs indoors at night.
  • Check under your car or bang on the bonnet to scare of any cats that may have found shelter there.
  • Ensure equines have a warm stable or purpose-built shelter.
  • Horses and donkeys must wear rugs to protect them from the elements. Check rugs daily to ensure they fit properly and are in good condition.
  • Check feeders to make sure drinking water it isn’t frozen over.
  • Make sure equines have a dry, hard surface to stand on to prevent mud rash.

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