Anti-racism protestors disrupt launch of new Irish political party

Anti-racism protestors have disrupted the launch of a new political party today.

Identity Ireland - which advocates stricter border controls - has been formally launched as a party after handing in its papers to the Dáil today.

It is in favour of a return of full Irish sovereignty, a return to the punt and says that multi-culturalism undermines the identity of the Irish people.

National spokesperson Peter O'Loughlin outlined the views of the party after the protestors had been removed.

"In order for a nation to exist and to function, to have a Government, to have health services, to have educations services, there need to be a link of we're so different already," he said.

"That's what being Irish is, that's what being Chinese is, that's what being Mongolian is, see, and it's a culture, that identity is based on culture, heritage, history, commonality.

"So multiculturalism literally undermines the foundations because you’re saying that identity is no longer important."

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