Anti-abortion banners displayed outside Rotunda, Repeal projection appears on Treasury Building

A group holding graphic anti-abortion banners held another protest outside the Rotunda Hospital last night.

The Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has been displaying the images outside maternity hospitals, showing foetuses at various stages of development.

The Rotunda tweeted to say yesterday evening's incident was despite previous pleas asking them to stop.

Counter-protesters turned up to try and cover the posters.

They go by the name "Radical Queers Resist" and one woman, who is part of the group, explained why they decided to voice their opposition.

She said: "We just decided that we weren't prepared for this to go on in our streets and for them to have these images which are really quite harmful and distressing, outside when pregnant people are going in.

"They might be going in diagnosed with fatal foetal abnormalities, they might be going through miscarriages, they might be going through unwanted pregnancies or through wanted pregnancies.

"It's just all quite distressing images to see when you're going through these things."

The group say they will be "on call" to voice their opposition at future demonstrations.

They said: "We're unhappy with this kind of thing happening on our streets and we have a Facebook page, an Instagram and a Twitter account.

"And if we see people messaging to say these images are up and they are upsetting, we'll try our best if we can to get there and try and do something about it."

Also last night, a projection appeared on the side of the Treasury Building’s “Aspiration” statue in support of the Repeal movement.

The projection added a ball-and-chain to the climbing woman with a heavy metallic 8.

The projection artists said: “The original intention of the sculpture was to represent the country’s struggle for freedom, and this remix continues that narrative with a shift toward the struggle of Irish women to gain reproductive freedom.”

It adds to a growing collection of Repeal art appearing around Dublin, including the Repeal mural on the Amnesty Building.

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