#8thRef Results: Referendum passed by a majority of 706,349 votes

The referendum to appeal the 8th Amendment has been passed, by a margin of more than 700,000 votes. Donegal was the only constituency in the country to vote No.

TOTAL VALID POLL*: 2,153,613

YES VOTE: 1,429,981

NO VOTE: 723,642

The percentage result was 66.4% Yes and 33.6% No.

Majority of votes in favour of the proposal: 706,349

*Total turnout: 2,159,655

Invalid ballots: 6,042

Cork East, Sligo-Leitrim and Donegal were the last three constituencies to declare. Their results were:


  • Yes 64.1%
  • No 35.9%

  • Yes 48.1%
  • No 51.9%

  • Yes 59.4%
  • No 40.6%


    A total of 37 constituencies (of 40) have now been counted. 67.3% have voted Yes, with 32.7% No. The three constituencies yet to declare are:

    - Cork East;

    - Donegal;

    - Sligo-Leitrim.

    Cork East will not announced its result until after the national result is made official, it has been announced.

    Tally keepers from both sides of the campaign at the count centre in Dublin's RDS. Pic: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

    RESULTS (with three constituencies to go):


  • Yes 63.5%
  • No 37.5%
  • Turnout: 62%

  • Yes 55.5%
  • No 44.5%
  • Turnout: ZZ%
  • CLARE:

  • Yes 64.3%
  • No 35.7%
  • Turnout: 64.37%

  • Yes 64.1%
  • No 35.9%

  • Yes 64.02%
  • No 35.98%

  • Yes 60.10%
  • No 39.90%
  • Turnout: 65.93%

  • Yes 68.84%
  • No 31.16%

  • Yes 64.5%
  • No 35.5%

  • Yes 48.1%
  • No 51.9%

  • Yes 74.69%
  • No 25.31%
  • Turnout: 71.6%

  • Yes 78.49%
  • No 21.51%
  • Turnout: 54.9%

  • Yes 76.51%
  • No 23.49%
  • Turnout: 51.5%

  • Yes 77%
  • No 23%
  • Turnout: 70.39%

  • Yes 74.9%
  • No 25.1%
  • Turnout: 68.58%

  • Yes 76.1%
  • No 23.9%
  • Turnout: 59.6%

  • Yes 74.79%
  • No 25.21%
  • Turnout: 59.6%

  • Yes 74.02%
  • No 25.98%
  • Turnout: 67.77%

  • Yes 73.27%
  • No 26.73%
  • Turnout: 67.3%

  • Yes 72.9%
  • No 27.1%

  • Yes 77.1%
  • No 22.9%
  • Turnout: 68.52%
  • Galway East:

  • Yes 60.19%
  • No 39.81%
  • Turnout: 63.4%

  • Yes 66%
  • No 34%
  • Turnout: 60%
  • KERRY:

  • Yes 58%
  • No 42%

  • Yes 73.56%
  • No 26.44%
  • Turnout: 63.76%

  • Yes 70.66%
  • No 29.34%
  • Turnout: 61.34%
  • LAOIS:

  • Yes 61.4%
  • No 38.6%

  • Yes 66.8%
  • No 33.2%
  • Turnout: 62%

  • Yes 58%
  • No 41.92%
  • Turnout: 62.45%

  • Yes 58.3%
  • No 41.7%
  • Turnout: 59.3%
  • LOUTH:

  • Yes 66.55%
  • No 33.45%
  • Turnout: 65.89%
  • MAYO:

  • Yes 57.1%
  • No 42.9%
  • Turnout 62.09%

  • Yes 69.21%
  • No 30.79%
  • Turnout: 65.61

  • Yes 63.95%
  • No 36.05%
  • Turnout: 62.94%

  • Yes 58.05%
  • No 41.95%
  • Turnout: 64.71%

  • Yes 57.21%
  • No 42.79%
  • Turnout: 65.7%

  • Yes 59.4%
  • No 40.6%

  • Yes 59.1%
  • No 40.9%

  • Yes 69%
  • No 31%

  • Yes 74.26%
  • No 25.74%
  • Turnout: 74.48%

  • Yes 68.4%
  • No 31.6%
  • Turnout: 66.27%
  • Votes are counted at Dublin's RDS in the referendum on the 8th Amendment of the Constitution. Pic: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

    UPDATE 4.05pm: With just eight of the country's 40 constituencies yet to declare their result, an emphatic Yes vote is emerging .

    Turnout was 64.9%. Constituency results are being updated live below.

    3.30pm: Of the country's 40 constituencies, 22 have now declared results. The results equate to a 66% Yes vote and a 34% No vote, so far.

    Turnout is 63.9%

    3pm: With 13 constituencies counted, the highest No votes have been in Limerick County (41.9%), Tipperary (40.9%) and Galway East (39.8%).

    The highest Yes vote so far was in Dublin Central at 76.5%, followed by Wicklow on 74.3% and Kildare South on 70.7%

    Votes are counted at Dublin's RDS in the referendum on the 8th Amendment of the Constitution. Pic: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

    UPDATE 2.05: Final results are coming in from Cork where all divisions are expected to have voted Yes.


  • Yes 68.84%
  • No 31.16%

  • Yes 64.02%
  • No 35.98%
  • ***

    Update 3pm: Tipperary sees 59% Yes vote

    By Conor Kane

    Tipperary has voted Yes with 59% of voters favouring repeal of the 8th Amendment.

    Turnout in Tipperary in the referendum was 64% - higher than the marriage equality poll when 61% of eligible voters cast a ballot - and the final vote reflected tallies throughout the day, which suggested almost six in 10 valid votes were on the Yes side.

    The result was declared at about 2.50pm at the Presentation Convent sports hall in Thurles, with 72,247 voting yes and 29,516 voting No.

    There were 238 spoiled votes.

    Four of the five constituency TDs attended the count centre at some point during the day, with independent TD Mattie McGrath the exception, as he was in RTÉ providing commentary for the broadcaster.

    Earlier, Mr McGrath, a vociferous No campaigner, said he was “a bit surprised” by the strength of the projected Yes vote. “We have to see the legislation when it’s published and examine it. I’m certainly not going to obstruct it,” he said.

    Fianna Fáil TD Jackie Cahill, also a No voter, said his party leader Micheál Martin’s declaration of support for repeal was a “brave” move and one that has now enhanced his standing with the electorate.

    Independent TD Michael Lowry, who voted in the Dáil against holding the referendum said he was “pleased” that a “divisive” campaign was over.

    Independent TD and “yes” campaigner Seamus Healy welcomed the result.

    Meanwhile, Dublin-Central has voted in favour of repealing the 8th Amendment by more than 3 to 1 in a vote of 76.51% Yes to 23.49% No.

    1.30pm: First official result as Galway East supports repeal by 60.19%

    The first official result in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment has been announced.

    The constituency of Galway-East has voted 60.19% Yes to 39.81% No.

    In Limerick, the final tally shows that 66% of the city has voted in favour of repeal, while 58% of the county also said Yes.

    One of the highest Yes tallies was recorded in a box in Shannonbanks, Corbally in the city at 77.3%, while the highest number of No votes were counted in Foynes and Tornaculla, which both tallied at 59%.

    Every constituency in Cork looks to have backed a Yes vote by over 60%

    In the city, the final tallies show it's as high as 68%, while in Cork North-West, which had one of the highest support levels in the country to insert the amendment in the constitution in 1983 - 61% backed repeal.

    In the capital and the commuter belt counties the result has been resounding.

    Some Dublin boxes showed 85% of people in favour of repealing the 8th Amendment.

    But even counties typically thought to be conservative have largely voted Yes and Laois, Offaly and even Roscommon are expected to return Yes votes.

    The only county at the moment not looking like a Yes vote is Donegal where final tallies suggest the No side has won 52/48.

    Some final tallies in as results show strong Yes vote

    12.45: Independent TD John Halligan (Waterford) has said the profile of the electorate has profoundly changed in the constituency since the last abortion vote in 1983, when 69% of the electorate rejected abortion. It appears an almost exact reversal has taken place in favour of Yes today.

    "A substantial number of young teens came out to vote. I was collecting from the train last night, and a huge amount of young people were coming off the train. They were home to vote."

    He called for getting the legislation in place by the Dáil's summer recess, even if that means sitting longer to get it done.

    "We have to have debate, but the main issue is the vast majority of people have said we want the 8th Amendment repealed," he said.

    "The problems we have, we (now) deal with in Ireland," he added.

    12.35pm: In Her Shoes founder greets Yes landslide as Galway islands see 72% Yes vote

    Founder of the In Her Shoes Facebook campaign Erin Darcy, speaking at the Galway West count centre, said: "Last night, I was trying to get my kids to bed - we were all up really, really late...Then all the messages started rolling in. Women were just sending in their thanks for being able to tell their stories...It just felt really good for them to see the exit polls last night."

    "It's amazing to see everybody coming togetrher. It's clear that we're ready for change," she said.

    Galway West is showing a 65% Yes vote from tallies. The islands off Galway's are showing a 72% Yes vote.

    "We've been talking to people of all generations - and they all have a story. Women have lived through so many things in Ireland. I've been desperate to tell the stories being sent to me...Some of (the stories) have been held onto for years. It's such a big, multi-generational shift."

    12.25pm: In Donegal, Fine Gael's Joe McHugh said: "People were happy they had the opportunity to vote on a matter of conscience, and I'm glad that I also had that opportunity."

    At the moment, Donegal has No leading 52% to 48% after 48,000 votes have been counted.

    Deputy McHugh, who is Chief Whip for his party, said the urban-rural divide had not carried through in Donegal. "There's no trend. It's really, really tight, and no one's calling it at this stage," he said.

    He said the national vote was "a resounding endorsement of the Yes vote". He said in conversations with the No side "we always have to remember that we have to reflect people's concerns and reservations, but ultimately it's a redsounding Yes, nationally. As a party we will be reflecting that."

    Deputy McHugh said conversations would be starting as early as next week on enacting the legislation which has been prepared by the Government.

    12pm: Some final tallies in as results show strong Yes vote

    Tallies around the country are showing a strong Yes vote in the abortion referendum and there is a strong chance every single constituency may vote Yes.

    In Kerry with 159 of the 213 boxes open it's looking like a 59% Yes vote

    Some final tallies have come in:

  • Meath East 69% Yes
  • Dublin Midwest 73% Yes
  • Carlow Kilkenny 63% Yes
  • Cork North Central is 64% Yes, with Cork South Central 68% in favour of repeal. All Cork constituencies look like going 2 to 1 Yes
  • All 5 Dublin city constituencies are closing in on voting 3 to 1 in favour of repeal
  • Donegal is tight with No leading 52 to 48 after 48,000 have been counted
  • Laois looks like it will go 58 to 42 Yes
  • Even Roscommon now looks like there will be a strong Yes vote
  • Earlier: Early tallies in line with exit polls showing landslide Yes vote

    Counting is underway in the abortion referendum with the first ballot boxes opening around the country.

    Turnout was reported to be high across much of the country just before polls closed at 10pm last night.

    Ballot Boxes opened and counting begins at the Dublin Count Center in the RDS. Photo: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie.

    Exit polls have suggested it will be an overwhelming Yes vote and early tallies are in line with that.

    One ballot box from Greystones, which is the home town of Health Minister Simon Harris, has recorded result of 82% in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment.

    In Dublin, with 10% of boxes open across five city constituencies Yes is leading 4-to-1. Dublin Bay south is almost 80% Yes with a quarter of boxes open.

    Boxes opened in Donegal just after 9.10am and in the traditionally conservative constituency the No side leads 55 to 45 at the moment.

    With 40 of the 213 boxes open in Kerry it's 58% in favour of Yes.

    Both city constituencies in Cork are 2-to-1 in favour of repeal at the moment.

    Waterford is 2-to-1 yes at the moment with Limerick City the same and Limerick County reporting 57% in favour of repeal.

    Galway West shows 63% Yes at the moment.

    While in the commuter belt Meath East is 3-to-1 Yes and Meath West is showing 68% in favour of repeal.

    In Carlow, with 75% of boxes open it's 64% Yes. Three miraculous medals were found in one box there.

    Ballot boxes from more than 6,500 stations will be opened today and it is expected the count will be complete by this afternoon before the official result is announced in Dublin Castle.

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