Save fuel and John Deere will pay under new scheme

By Jason Webb

John Deere has announced the company’s Fuel Guarantee Programme will apply to field as well as road work.

Owners of John Deere 6R, 7R and 8R Series six-cylinder tractors can take part in the extended programme, which rewards customers financially for fuel-efficient driving.

The Fuel Guarantee Programme was first introduced for the 7310R tractor two years ago.

The manufacturer has since been able to prove the efficiency of the complete six-cylinder tractor range from the 6R to the 8R Series on the road.

Participating customers and their supplying dealer record a tractor’s fuel consumption and compare this to the target fuel consumption.

If the total fuel consumption has exceeded the John Deere target level, customers will be refunded by the company.

If the tractor consumes less than the targeted amount, owners of more efficient machines will still be rewarded, as they will be reimbursed twice the local fuel price per litre saved.

The new Fuel Guarantee Programme applies to any eligible new tractor models ordered after November 1, 2018.

The company says even fully trained drivers can reduce fuel consumption as much as 20%. John Deere offers a tractor optimisation programme which is mandatory for all Fuel Guarantee Programme users.

This includes the initial basic set-up on, and seasonal telephone support.

After the dealer has qualified a machine for the Fuel Guarantee Programme, the customer has to explicitly agree to data access via the Consent Manager feature.

The newly extended Fuel Guarantee Programme is being introduced in all EU countries.

It will not surprise many who have followed John Deere’s aggressive acquisitions over the past two years to hear that the firm has earned a spot among the world’s most valuable brands.

John Deere is now ranked 88th in an annual ranking completed by leading brand consulting firm Interbrand, moving up four spots from a year ago.

Interbrand estimates the John Deere brand is worth approximately $5.4 billion, a 12% increase from last year.

This follows the 2018 acquisitions of PSA SA and King Argo, and the 2017 acquisitions of Wirtgen Group, Blue River Technology, Hagie Manufactoring and Monosem.

“This recognition emphasises the success of our 70,000 employees worldwide who work each day to deliver on the company’s core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation,” said Samuel R Allen, Deere & Company chairman and chief executive officer.

John Deere has been included in the Best Global Brand ranking since 2011, when Interbrand estimated the value of the brand to be $3.65 billion.

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