EU’s biggest threat in animal feedstuffs

EU’s biggest threat in animal feedstuffs

There is probably a higher awareness of mycotoxins in the animal feed industry than in human nutrition.

Companies like Alltech have raised awareness.

Alltech was founded in 1980 by Irishman Dr Pearse Lyons, and successfully developed mycotoxin binder additives for animal feed, helping Alltech become one of the top companies in their field globally.

Their Mycosorb A+ has been validated by the Carbon Trust as a product likely to reduce methane emissions, because it boosts growth in livestock that would otherwise be affected by mycotoxins.

The company also tests animal feeds for 54 mycotoxins

Their mycotoxin analytical service laboratories in Lexington, Kentucky, and Dunboyne, Co Meath, Ireland, have tested over 30,000 animal feed samples.

Professor Chris Elliot of Queen’s University Belfast has called for regulatory action on mycotoxins, which he describes as the single most important threat to the EU feed and livestock sector.

Alltech’s findings bear this out Professor Elliot’s warning.

Their tests of 2018 European grain and forage samples for animal feed showed high levels of mycotoxins, particularly deoxynivalenol, fusaric acid, and fumonisin, in areas where crops were damaged due to excessive rainfall during flowering and pollination, or late-season rain after heat and drought stress.

Alltech said the biggest threat to the wheat and barley crops in Europe is type B trichothecenes, a mycotoxin they found in over 56% of wheat and 70%of barley samples, with 100% occurrence in Croatia, Serbia and Spain.

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