YouTube star Jake Paul really ain’t welcome at this chicken wing bar

When YouTuber and former Disney actor Jake Paul started trending on social media, the news didn’t have everyone clicking the trending topics.

Regardless of why Paul was creating a buzz, chicken wings restaurant Pluckers had no time for an avalanche of tweets about the 21-year-old.

What followed next was a series of tweets which saw Paul get rinsed by Pluckers, and the chain gets celebrated.

Here’s how it happened.

1. Pluckers noticed Jake Paul was trending.

2. Jake Paul tried to place his order with the chicken wings bar.

3. Pluckers was unsure what to do.

4. Pluckers made the call – and blocked Paul in the process.

Then the chain, which was founded in 1995 by three students from the University of Texas, sat back and watched the carnage unfold.

And enticed new customers.

Paul was originally trending because YouTuber Shane Dawson has a new docuseries called The Mind Of Jake Paul coming out soon, and dropped a teaser trailer.

Don’t think it’ll be screened in Pluckers.

- Press Association

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