Your run-down of tonight's second Eurovision Semi-Final

By Karl Fradgley

Tuesday's semi was over in a flash.

The audience were as excited as ever and Conchita was stunning as the show opener and proves anyone who doubts her validity as winner last year wrong.

I correctly predicted the 10 qualifiers too although that feat is going to be hard to repeat for tonight's show.

Semi-final two contains three of the favourites to win this year not to mention our own little rising star Molly Sterling, singing second in the line-up.

Your run-down of tonight's second Eurovision Semi-Final

Let's take a look at her competition.

Song 1 - Lithuania

"This Time" is performed by Monica and Vaidas, both established artists in Lithuania and both .... well .... gorgeous!

The song is a great opener, it is upbeat, charming, happy, well produced and features a smacker of a smooch right in the middle.

On paper it should qualify. I can't explain why I think it might miss out.

Song 2 - IRELAND

Molly Sterling is Ireland's youngest ever contestant at Eurovision and her self-penned song "Playing With Numbers" is one of our best entries to date.

The song is contemporary, modern, slick and understated.

She gives a genuine performance and all these things matter when it comes to the voting. I would not be surprised to see Molly go top ten in the final.

Then again, this is Eurovision so you just never know. Second is a difficult position to qualify from.

Song 3 - San Marino

San Marino qualified for the final last year for the very first time.

They got in by the skin of their teeth, though no amount of wind machine, thunder and lightning or costume changing will help this horrendous entry repeat that success.

The two singers are only 16 and will revel in this experience, but should come back next year with a song that isn't utter rubbish!

Next up is Montenegro

The small Balkan nation managed to make the final last year for the first time.

This year they have chosen their biggest selling male artist to fly their flag.

He is older and his song is very gentle but it is coming across very well live. It is very polished and quite elegant.

It won't set the score board on fire but I think it will qualify.

Song 5 - Malta

Ah Malta .... the big trier. Malta have come 2nd at Eurovision twice and 3rd twice. Thats a big deal for such a teeny nation.

This is the second entry this year called "Warrior" and although it is well sung, it is lacking any of the oomph you would expect from it's title. A bit of a bore really.

Song 6 - Norway

One of the favourites Norway has gone for a smokey and sultry duet, performed by Deborah Scarlett and Morland. The song is called "Monster Like Me" and basically it kicks ass.

It is fabulous and it kind of stomps all over everything we have heard so far in this line-up. The first dead cert qualifier and one of my personal favourites this year.

Song 7 - Portugal

Portugal should be applauded for always singing in Portuguese.

They always do something a bit left of field and they never follow the trend. That said they hardly ever qualify. They have never made the top 5 despite taking part over 40 times.

Unfortunately 2015 is not going to be their year either. I kinda wish she had a better song cause Leonore is sort of cool, but this is just dreadful.

Song 8 - Czech Republic

Czech Republic decided to return to Eurovision after an absence of 5 years, much to most peoples' surprise. Along with Andorra they remain the only country yet to qualify for the final.

"Hope Never Dies" is beautifully performed by two very well respected singers.

I would love to see the Czechs making the final but this song is just not strong enough in this line-up. It's good but I don't know if it is good enough.

Song 9 - Israel

Finally some fun. Israel have arrived and they are bringing summertime with them.

"Golden Boy" is one of this year's only uptempo songs and really benefits from that fact.

The audience will go nuts for this. It is fun and well performed by 16-year-old Nadav Guedj. Golden Boy indeed ... dancin' it's way to the grand final.

Next song comes from Latvia

So we have gone from light-hearted ethnic dance to underground chillout in the form of a rather exotic and fabulous half Latvian, half Burkinoese artist called Aminata.

The song is cool and slightly trancey which will make it one people will remember.

Of course its success will hinge on how well she sings it live. It will either be amazing or horrendous!

Song 11 - Azerbaijan

"Hour Of The Wolf" is one of the best songs in this year's competition, if not the best.

It's very strong. it is sophisticated and perfectly sung.

In my head this is one of the songs that can win but .... and there is a but .... Elnur has to sing it the way he sings it on the recording. He is known for a bit of Christina Aguilera shrieking and over singing this will shoot its chances in the Eurovision foot - so to speak.

Have a listen. It's good stuff.

Song 12 - Iceland

Iceland's love affair with Eurovision continues to burn brightly despite never winning the event.

"One Step At A Time" is their entry. It is sweet, easy on the ear and the performance is very deliberately appealing to fans of "Frozen".

Personally I don't rate this and it would not surprise me to see this staying in the semis. It doesn't help that the hot favourite comes next.

Song 13 - Sweden

Mans Zelmerlow has been the favourite to win Eurovision 2015 since he won their national final in March.

"Heroes" has an Avici-esque vibe and boasts an impressive visual performance that will ensure viewers remember it.

It's one of the few upbeat entries which is another plus and Mans sounds as good as he looks. It kinda ticks all the boxes really.

Too predictable?

Song 14 - Switzerland

Melanie Rene has a nice voice and a nice song.

The dress is nice as is the presentation but that's about it.

It's not bad, It's not good .... to succeed in Eurovision you gotta be one or the other.

Next up Cyprus

"One Thing I Should Have Done" is the Cypriot entry.

It's a gentle song with shades of Tom Dice for Belgium in 2010 ( which incidentally came 6th).

For me this has always sounded like a qualifier.

It is easy to like and people will connect with the honesty of the performance right after the Swiss song. Good job Cyprus.

The penultimate entry is Slovenia

Slovenia's song has established itself firmly as a Euro-fan favourite.

Hubby and wife duo Maaraya will perform "Here For You".

The song is very radio friendly, very commercial and very now. It has a drum and base rhythm and a hint of Balkan melody and her vocals are super cool.

Potential dark horse here and definitely one to watch. Check out the air guitar.

Final semi-finalist - Poland

An interesting artist for Poland and totally different to the boob flashing, butter churning, rap song they sent last year.

"In The Name Of Love" was written by the singer Monika Kuszynska and was inspired by this year's Eurovision theme - Building Bridges.

It is a sweet ballad about facing your fears and using love to overcome them. It resonates very deeply with Monika's own story of struggle.

She was semi-paralysed in a car accident 6 years ago when her music career was really taking off. Despite this she has returned to the Polish music scene and was selected to represent her country in Vienna.

The song is nice and nicely performed and I applaud the way they have not tried to hide the fact that she is a wheelchair user on the stage.

That said if it does qualify it will do so barely and it has no chance of doing anything in the final. Good effort from Poland though.

With 17 songs in this semi-final and the standard much higher than Tuesdays nights' show, things are going to be tough for Ireland and Molly to make it to the final.

It doesn't help that she is right at the start of the show. That said I believe she will make it and once she does anything can happen.

Sweden, Slovenia, Cyprus, Norway and Azerbaijan all look set to qualify.

Montenegro, Israel and Latvia are likely and that leaves two places. My feeling is that Czech Republic and Ireland will clinch the last two spots.

If Ireland does qualify, a second-half draw in the final could see us doing very well indeed.

Best of luck Molly .…

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