Your run-down of tonight's Eurovision Semi-Finalists

By Karl Fradgley.

As Eurovision 2015 rears its fabulously glamorous head again we take a look at this years entries.

The good, the bad and the bizarre have all shown up - and aren't we all glad they did.

Your run-down of tonight's Eurovision Semi-Finalists

This years contest looks set to be a very close affair with any one of seven or eight songs looking to be in contention for the win - not to mention Australia's very first competing entry which has been fast-tracked to the final on Saturday.

20 other countries still have the semi final hurdles to over come.

Semi final 1 takes place tonight, Tuesday May 19th and here is a preview of the last of the 16 entries battling for the 10 tickets to the final.

First up - Moldova

Their song " I Want Your Love " by Eduard Romanuyta, is an energetic start to proceedings.

That is where the positive ends though.

It's very 90's and not in a good way. Eduard is a hearthrob in Moldova and his native Ukraine where I dare say he will be heading home on Wednesday morning.

This is a non-qualifier if ever I heard one.

Song 2 - Armenia

Genealogy is a concept group form especially for the contest and consists of well established artists of Armenian descent from each of the 5 main continents plus one from Armenia itself.

The song, called "Face The Shadow", could be described as a thinly veiled dedication to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide still officially not recognised by Azerbaijan or Turkey.

Political songs are not allowed at Eurovision so this one is treading on thin ice.

That said it is an interesting song and all 6 of these singers have fine voices. It has the potential though to be either fabulous or a total car crash live.

Song 3 - Belgium

Belgium is represented by The Voice of Belgium runner up Loic Noittet. He wrote the song which is very modern and current with shades of Lorde and even Amy Winehouse.

If performed well this could do very well on the night.

Next up is Netherlands

The Dutch had miserable run in Eurovision for years until none other than super star Anouk changed that in 2013, securing a top ten place in the final.

Last year the Dutch came an amazing second with a fabulously gentle song.

This years entry is co-written by Anouk again and is more upbeat than their last two entries.

The singer sells it well - but it gets boring after about 45 seconds which is probably not a good thing.

This will struggle to qualify.

Song 5 - Finland

P.K.N. are a group formed 2 years ago through a tv show in Finland.

The band members each of whom have varying degrees of learning disability recently said in an interview that " all the other entries are crap " ..... which would lead one to presume that their song - entitled Aina Mun Pittaa is fantastic.

Well ... it isn't. In fact, it is pure and utter rubbish. Finland will probably do way better than the should with this song.

Song 6 - Greece

It is nice to see Greece sending a female fronted ballad for a change.

Their entries are usually upbeat holiday anthems. That said the song is dated.

Maria Elena Kyriakou does elevate "One Last Breath" with a powerful live performance but it smacks a little bit of a basic song by numbers.

Song 7 - Estonia

The Estonian entry was installed as one of the favourites to win the whole thing even before this song won their national final.

"Goodbye To Yesterday" is very good indeed. it is cool, radio friendly and very current.

The problem as I see it is that they are staging this in a very similar way to The Common Linnets who came second for Holland last year and I think that will actually prevent this from winning.

Song 8 - F.Y.R.Macedonia

Daniel Kajmakoski is a big star in is country. He won his national final with " "Autumn Leaves" by a landslide and while it starts off well, it seems to go nowhere.

In an effort to give this entry more punch American hip-hop stars Blackstreet ( anyone remember No Diggity ) will be performing this with Daniel in Vienna. A confusing move considering this is essentially a pop folk song.

The entry has zero presence on stage and no direction or story. I can see this coming last.

Song 9 - Serbia

Bojana Stamanov is a bit of a Balkan legend. She has hoards of adoring fans and many of them offered their time to perform in her video for "Beauty Never Lies".

The message is great - the song .... not so much. Bojana is clearly a larger than life Diva but she really deserved a far better song than this one.

Still she is doing her damnedest to ramp up the drama and she certainly will be noticed. Borderline qualifier I think although many see this as a definite.

Song 10 - Hungary

Hungary came 5th last year.

This year they will attempt to equal or beat that with their song about peace "Wars For Nothing". A lot of people find this boring.

I find it utterly beautiful It is one of my favourites this year and in my head this is a dark horse entry.

There will be no fireworks, no crazy dancers, no acrobats.

The message is a simple one as is the song and it is beautifully performed by Boggie and her 4 backing vocalists. One to watch.

Next up - Belarus

Known for a bit of nationalistic fervor ( "I Love Belarus" is my favourite of their entires ) this years entry is just a little bit meh! That is the best way to describe it. Meh!

This would have no chance if it were drawn in semi final 2 but it could just sneak in given this line up. That said, it doesn't deserve the final. Its just too .. well meh!

Song 12 - Russia

Last year Russia was booed and it made the international headlines. This year Russia will also be booed and it will again make the headlines - the difference being that this year they could very easily win.

Polina Gagarina is one of Russia's biggest stars.

Her song is a collection of Coca-Cola cliche's but man does it work. It is a big song and she has a big voice.

This is the first real contender for victory so far and it is sailing into the grand final.

Europe you have been warned.

Song 13 - Denmark

Last years hosts have, very politely, signaled that they have no desire to host again soon, by sending - lambs to the slaughter - The Anti-Social Club with their really silly song "It's The Way You Are".

Songs like this annoy me. They are just so thoughtless and lazy.

It wouldn't surprise me to see this fail to make the final.

Next up is Albania

Albanian singer Elhaida Dani is one of the best singers in this years contest.

She recently won The Voice Of Italy and has a powerhouse of a voice.

If you close your eyes while listening to their fabulous entry "I Am Alive" you could easily hear Beyonce or Jessie J singing it.

I think it is too modern to win the contest but it is one of my personal favourites.

Song 15 - Romania

Voltaj will represent Romania with their song "Start All Over Again".

The song is dedicated to the 3 million or so children left behind in Romania while their parents work abroad.

It is a social commentary that underlines the differences between Western and Eastern Europe and I think it will resonate with voters.

The song is sweet. It is not a winner but it will qualify.

I like that they sing half of it in their native Romanian too.

The final song in Semi One is from Georgia

Nina Sublatti wrote her entry "Warrior" as an ode to powerful women.

It is a great closer to the show and is sure to qualify.

The song does actually work far better live than it does on track as it seems to need the energy of a live performance to lift it.

Feedback from rehearsals seem to hint at Georgia being one to watch this year.

I like this .... again it is not a winner.

With 16 songs vying for 10 places - 12 of which are deserving, it will be interesting to see who makes it and who falls at the first Eurovision hurdle.

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