Wednesday’s TV tips

Wednesday’s TV tips

Pound Shop Wars (BBC One, 7.30pm)

The documentary series that lifts the lid on the world of family-run retail business Poundworld returns, picking up with CEO Chris Edwards as he plugs the hole left behind after one of his top managers and three members of his senior staff team defected to a competing store.

Chris immediately sets about promoting his sharpest young prospects, and hopes new area manager Stacey Mitchinson will be able to improve the Scarborough branch.

Meanwhile, in Burnley, store manager Geoff Heathcote is forced to come up with a strategic response when a rival establishment next-door starts undercutting Poundworld.

Silverstone Classic 2015 (ITV4, 8pm)

Louise Goodman reports from last month’s Silverstone Classic, as the event celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Firmly established as the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival, the weekend featured more than 20 races covering the full glittering spectrum of motor sport history, as well as over 10,000 classic cars on display, anniversary celebrations and parades, aerial displays, a vintage fun fair, shopping village, interactive driving activities, and dynamic demonstrations.

The event also included a live musical performance from veteran rockers Status Quo.

Supervet in the Field (C4, 8pm)

Cutting-edge veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick stages his DogFest festivals for like-minded dog lovers twice a year at Loseley Park, Surrey and Arley Hall, Cheshire.

Here, in the first of two special editions of the fly-on-the-wall animal care series, over 10,000 owners and their canine companions join Noel at Loseley Park for fun events such as speed puppy training, a mass dog walk, the Dogs Today Hero Awards, a performance by the Conquest K9 Display Team, a Llama jump Guinness World Record attempt and the Height Jumping Cup final.

Plus, Noel is also reunited with some of the most challenging pooch patients he has dealt with over the course of the past 12 months, including a labrador that needed shoulder surgery, and a great Dane in need of a replacement spinal disc.

The Great British Bake Off (BBC1, 8pm)

Wednesday’s TV tips

With the cake week completed, and one of their number already eliminated from the competition, the 11 remaining home bakers must now prove their skill at making biscuits, a task that can be deceptively difficult, and one that has undone many a confident Bake Off contestant in the past.

The opening signature challenge this week is to create 24 biscotti, Italian delicacies that must be baked twice to deliver the perfect crisp crunch.

Next is Paul Hollywood’s technical challenge, in which the contestants tackle Arlettes - labour-intensive, puff pastry-based treats from southwest France. Finally, for the showstopper, the judges demand bespoke edible biscuit boxes, filled with 36 biscuits of different flavours.

After all three rounds have concluded, it falls to Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins to announce which of the bakers will be asked to leave the tent.

One Born Every Minute (C4, 9pm)

In years gone by, fathers were often barred from the delivery room.

Nowadays it’s a different story, and tonight this fly-on-the-wall documentary series turns its attention away from the mothers-to-be, and instead focuses on the roles the various boyfriends, fiancZs, partners and husbands play in the labour suite.

Paul, a risk manager by trade, impresses the midwives when he plans out every detail of his wife Nadine’s birthing experience, right down to the music.

On the other hand, young parents-to-be Bobbilee and Frankie have a much more laissez-faire attitude to labour which put to the ultimate test after 48 hours at the Women’s Hospital.

Finally, 32-year-old mum Linda faces bringing her baby into the world without the aid of her partner Tony.

He has a traumatic past experience of hospitals, meaning, like the dads of yesteryear, he won’t be accompanying her to theatre.

21 Jump Street (ITV2, 9.00pm)

(2012) Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) enrol at police academy and work together to ensure they complete the final exam. Life as cops turns out to be quite dull and their first bust ends in embarrassment.

So they are sent in disgrace to Captain Dickson (Ice Cube), who orders the pair to pose as students at the local school where drugs are rife.

Morton becomes a popular member of the student body thanks to his brains and sensitivity while lumbering hunk Greg is viewed as an idiot by everyone except his teacher Ms Griggs (Ellie Kemper), who would love to give him some one-on-one tuition.

While Morton engages in a tender romance with drama student Molly (Brie Larson), the cops identify fellow student Eric (Dave Franco) as the dealer and work to bring down the drugs ring.

Safe (5*, 9.00pm)

(2012) Disgraced former NYPD officer Luke Wright (Jason Statham) is doomed to live on the streets and forego any personal ties after he is betrayed by dirty cops in his precinct.

During a failed suicide attempt on a Metro platform, he encounters mathematical genius Mei (Catherine Chan), who is being used by Han Jiao (James Hong) as a counting machine to keep track of the Triads’ assets.

When the Russian mob snatches Mei in order to steal the Triads’ dirty secrets, Luke intervenes, all guns blazing.

Little does he realize that Mei also holds the key to the upcoming re-election of Mayor Tremello (Chris Sarandon), who is a political pawn at the mercy of his conniving chief of staff, Alex Rosen (Anson Mount).

The River Murders (3e, 10pm)

(2011) Ray Liotta and Christian Slater star in this suspense filled thriller.

When a series of murder victims only common thread is their tie to the investigating detective, the FBI steps in while the detective and his partner try to catch the real killer.

Scrappers – Back in the Yard (BBC2, 10pm)

Wednesday’s TV tips

The documentary following the highs and lows of life at Bolton’s Metro Salvage scrapyard continues as stressed owner Terry Walker faces a battle at home following a yard-based accident in which his son Jon dropped a car from a forklift.

A furious Terry sacked Jon on the spot, upsetting his wife Lyndsay, who is not best pleased with the way her husband humiliated their son, and refuses to talk to him.

However, a clash with his formidable other half is only one of Terry’s problems.

He’s currently working on dragging his enterprise into the 21st century, a task that is easier said than done when his sales office staff are making critical errors. Narrated by Sally Lindsay.

Witnesses (Ch4, 10pm)

Kaz Gorbier escalates his campaign of terror in a desperate bid to drive his family back together.

Meanwhile, Sandra continues to pursue her investigation into the goings-on in Le Treport, but just when it seems the police are close to a breakthrough, a chase through a fog-shrouded ferry terminal leads them to yet another dead end.

With the case seemingly stuck in limbo, Gorbier takes the opportunity to assert his control of the situation, putting the pieces in place for his sinister endgame as he lures Paul back to the scene of his car accident.

French crime thriller, starring Laurent Lucas, Marie Dompnier and Thierry Lhermitte.

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