Wednesday’s TV tips

Wednesday’s TV tips

UEFA Europa League Final (3e, 7.30pm)

The first of the big European Stadium in Warsaw hosts the Europa League final – with the winners earning a place in next season’s Champions League for the first time.

Tommy Martin presents the action with analysis from Kevin Kilbane and Brian Kerr.

Seconds from Death: World’s Worst Near Misses (Channel 5, 8pm)

The latest documentary featuring people who have stared death in the face – and lived to tell the tale – includes a group of nine skydivers and two pilots who survived a mid-air collision between their planes.

Other footage features five men fighting for their lives after falling through the ice on a frozen pond in South Carolina, and spectators looking on in horror as a vintage aircraft crashes down in Reno, Nevada.

Finally, during a caving trip in Lancashire, potholer Bob Johnson finds himself wedged in a tunnel with rising water and must find a way out.

Warm Bodies (2013) (Film4, 9.00pm) Premiere

An epidemic reduces most of the population to shuffling corpses incapable of speech or feeling, leaving survivors crammed inside a metropolis patrolled by General Grigio (John Malkovich) and his gun-toting troops.

The general’s feisty teenager daughter, Julie (Teresa Palmer), ventures into the dead zone with her boyfriend Perry (Dave Franco) and best friend Nora (Analeigh Tipton), where they come under attack from zombie buddies R (Nicholas Hoult) and M (Rob Corddry). R kills Perry and devours his brain,

which transfers memories of Julie. Something stirs within the zombie and he rebels against his carnivorous nature to protect the terrified girlfriend from the marauding hordes. Romance catalyses a remarkable physical transformation in R, suggesting there might be a cure to the plague.

Benefits Britain: Me & My 14 Kids (C5, 9pm)

Wednesday’s TV tips

The concluding edition of the two-part documentary about people with large families who rely on benefits introduces viewers to Tom and Stacey Shaw. They have 14 children ranging in age from 18 year to 18 months.

The family lives in an eight-bedroom home and receive more than £70,000 a year from the state to support themselves.

Tom gave up his job as a postman 10 years ago to become the full-time carer of one his older sons, who has a potentially life-threatening medical condition, and both he and Stacey make sure their domestic life is run with military precision to make sure nothing goes amiss. There’s a look at Sara Crafter’s predicament – she has three grown up children who, like their mum, are jobless.

24 Hours in A&E (C4, 9pm)

New series. Return of the documentary following life inside the A&E department of St George’s Hospital in south-west London.

Ashley, 28, is brought in after a car pulled out into his motorbike and doctors are concerned he could have back, pelvis and internal injuries and send him for a CT scan, while 77-year-old ambulance driver Jim arrives after collapsing at the wheel of his vehicle and driving into a lamppost.

Staff also treat 14-year-old Fabian, who fell 20ft from a tree and hasn’t moved since and is suffering from back and neck pain.

Modern Times: Secret Life of Cleaners (BBC2, 9.30pm)

Wednesday’s TV tips

In Britain today, more than 6 million people employ domestic help in the form of cleaners – a job primarily done by the many immigrants arriving in the UK looking for work.

With access to workers and their employers, this documentary lifts the lid on what the British public’s cleaners really think about them, and also tells the story of an invisible class struggling to earn a living and make a life in the UK.

Nashville (E4, 10pm)

Wednesday’s TV tips

Sometimes it seems like almost every character in this drama series in the midst of a breakdown, tantrum, or highly stressful moment.

Even loved-up Rayna and Luke, who are trying to agree on a date for their wedding are having pre-marital issues, while Juliette is struggling with morning sickness during her tour.

Meanwhile, Rayna and Deacon have a confrontation about their daughter, and Layla throws a fit and resorts to blackmail when Jeff tells her he does want to perform on stage with her anymore.

SunTrap (BBC1, 11.45pm)

Kayvan Novak and Bradley Walsh – at first glance, they may seem like an odd pairing, but they work well together in this new sitcom.

Novak plays Woody, a master of disguise and the world’s best undercover reporter.

Sadly, when his corrupt ex-editor blows his cover, Woody must go on the run – and thinks that hanging out with his former mentor Brutus (Walsh) would be a good idea.

Brutus now lives a quiet life, running a bar on a sunny Spanish island. He isn’t pleased to see his protege – until he realises he can use Woody’s skills in a variety of lucrative investigations.

The first episode sees Woody hunt for a fraudster’s hidden millions – and only the villain’s parrot knows where the money is. Jack Dee guest stars.

Psycho (1960) (Film4, 10.55pm)

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 thriller based on the novel by Robert Bloch has been ingrained in movie lore thanks to that one shower scene and Bernard Herrmann’s unsettling score.

In any other director’s hands, Psycho wouldn’t work, but Hitchcock teases the audience at every turn, coaxing a career-best performance from Anthony Perkins as creepy motel owner Norman Bates, who takes being a mummy’s boy to a completely new level.

Janet Leigh is the unfortunate thief who checks in for one night and checks out a lot quicker than she


Despite most (if not all) viewers knowing the plot-twist in advance, this classic chiller has lost none of

its power to shock in the decades since its original cinema release.

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