Watch Sue Perkins vow to appear in any programme Mary Berry does

Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins has said she and Mel Giedroyc have hatched a plan to appear in every one of Mary Berry’s TV shows.

The trio decided not to follow the baking show when it moves to Channel 4 next year, leaving Berry’s fellow judge Paul Hollywood to continue with a new team.

While Sue said they have not yet found a new project to work on together, she and Giedroyc will be gatecrashing all of Berry’s new endeavours.

She said: “We have now informed Mary that whatever she does, we will be appearing in whether she likes it or not.

“So she might be doing a programme about country houses, Mel and I are just going to stand in the background or we might be having a pretend row in a corner and she’s up for that.

“We might never find the thing we do together on television but if we do it’s going to take some time and in the meantime there is a slight sneaking plot to upstage and get in on Mary’s act wherever possible.

“So whether she’s doing a cooking show or a gardening show I wouldn’t rule out that viewer will see Mel and I in some incarnation, even if it’s just in boiler suits punching the living daylights out of each other in the background.”

Sue will be bringing the famous cheeky banter that earned her legions of fans on Bake Off to a navigation app that helps drivers avoid traffic by crowdsourcing route information.

She has recorded driving instructions for the free app Waze that reroutes motorists away from congestion and said: “They were really great and let me play so I got into the voiceover booth and sort of intermittently shouted and hollered and made double entendres and was silly.

“There is lots of nattering. Conventional sat nav voices are very crisp and school marm-y and sort of ‘turn left, turn right’ and mine is a lot more conversational.

“There is a lot of chat about snacks. I worry people haven’t got enough on board so make sure you’ve got a couple of Victoria sandwiches in the glove and you’re ready to go. It was nice they let me inject my personality into it.

“Bake Off fans won’t be disappointed. At Christmas time people are time poor and want to spend it with people you love so this will get you home or away from home if they are annoying you.

“For me I want to know the fastest route away from a grandparent, post-brussel sprouts.”

While rumours have swirled about Sue, Mel and Mary signing up for a new show together, Sue said: “There are no plans and I know that there is some will for us to do something but I would be lying if I said we had spoken about it, I think the next thing for us to do would have to be very very special and we will take as much time to get the thing right, if indeed we do it at all.

“It’s enough for me to know them in real life, television is just a bonus.”

She added that Mary will always be a part of her life, even if she never presents another one of her baking shows.

She said: “Mary is like an unruly sister, a cheeky aunt, a censorious grandma, a wonderful mum, she is everything.

“She is so fluid and what I love about Mary is at one turn so ultimately traditional and quintessentially British but at the same token naughty and modern and brilliant fun.

“I’m so lucky to know her and honestly when I talk about Mary I could cry because she’s as wonderful as you would imagine and then 100 times more.”

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