WATCH: John Connors talks about struggles with mental health and challenges still faced by travellers

Irish actor John Connors has spoken about his personal struggles with mental health and the challenges that he still faces as a traveller.

Connors told TV3's Elaine that acting was a form of therapy that helped 'discover a different world'.

“I just got to point in my life; I had no qualifications, no nothing. I was struggling mental health wise. My brother Joe suggested to try acting as a way of therapy as I wouldn't have perused a therapist at the time. So I just went to an acting class, and I discovered a different world that I never knew existed.

It took a ton off my chest. Straight away I was instantly cured of my depression. Completely from walking out of my first acting class”.

Connors also spoke about the challenges that he still faces as a member of the travelling community.

“Before I got into acting it was hard to get into jobs. Number 1, Darndale: Number two I was a traveller. So if I got an interview they'd suss, they’d ask where you were from, you don’t sound like you’re from Dublin. I’d say I’m a traveller. The first reaction would be they'd go red, under pressure.

"In one interview I put on a Dublin accent, which is not a great thing either unless it’s for security. I got a job on the spot - and was told not to let travellers in”.

Elaine airs weekdays on TV3 at 3pm.

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