Tuesday’s TV tips

Tuesday’s TV tips

DOCUMENTARY: The Insiders (RTE One, 7pm)

This is the inside story of how one airline logged on and kick started a travel revolution.

The launch of Ryanair.com brought e-commerce to the masses. In March 2000, we became DIY travel agents and cheap flights got us over our fear of spending cash online.

The Insiders go behind the scenes to reveal the incredible story of how a large corporation took a punt on a school boy and it paid off big time.

Overnight, Ireland went from being the wild west of the web to Michael O’ Leary being the king of the internet.

DOCUMENTARY: Hotel in the Clouds (UTV 8pm)

Tuesday’s TV tips

It’s London’s newest and most talked about five-star hotel and because it’s located in the Shard, it also boasts some impressive views of the city. But is that enough to guarantee that the £90m Shangri La, which aims to bring traditional Asian hospitality to Britain, will be fully booked?

After all, it isn’t the most traditional location for a luxury establishment - while most of the city’s other posh hotels can be found in the West End, the Shard is located on the south of the Thames alongside London Bridge train station and Guy’s Hospital.

If luring guests to the other side of the river wasn’t enough of a challenge, there’s also the little matter of staffing.

This documentary follows some of the new recruits, some of whom, like bellmen Thaddaeus and Eddie haven’t set foot in a five-star hotel before, as they try to get to grips with their glitzy new workplace.

DRAMA: The Missing (BBC1, 9pm)

The opening episode of this drama series will have been enough to give many parents nightmares, especially the moment when Tony (the excellent James Nesbitt) realised his young son was missing.

But you don’t have to have kids to be gripped, or to want answers about what really happened to Oliver.

This week should provide a few more clues as in 2006, the investigation into the boy’s disappearance continues, and while Ian Garrett is on hand to offer his support to Tony, it’s an undercover police officer in Paris who possibly may have some information about Oliver’s disappearance.

DOCUMENTARY: Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages (More4, 9pm)

Tuesday’s TV tips

For many city dwellers, mention of a British village conjures up images of cream teas, bunting and church spires – even Midsomer Murders had picturesque cottages as well as grisly deaths.

Now, actress Penelope Keith is on a mission to find out why the village has such a powerful hold over the national imagination, and finds that while some may look like they haven’t changed since the 1950s, the communities that live there are undergoing some huge shifts.

Penelope begins her journey in East Anglia, where she attends a traditional regatta on the Norfolk Broads, and takes to the air over the wonderfully named Little Snoring.

She also has a lesson in talking like a Norfolk native – what would her Good Life character Margo say? – and witnesses a formation wheelbarrow display, courtesy of the ’Red Sparrows’.

But she also asks whether these unique village traditions are in danger of dying out.

FILM: The Hunger Games (Film4, 9pm)

(2012) In a future, totalitarian America, the country has been divided into districts, which must each send two children every year to compete in The Hunger Games, a televised battle to the death.

When her younger sister is chosen to take part, teenager Katniss Everdene volunteers to take her place. But while she may be handy with a bow and arrow, how will Katniss fair when forced to fight for her life?

Forget the mumblings about just how original the premise really is because The Hunger Games is an exciting sci-fi thriller it its own right.

Although its teen target-market means the Games can never get too bloody, it still makes for gripping, surprisingly dark viewing. Girl-of-the-moment Jennifer Lawrence is perfectly cast as the resourceful Katniss, but there are strong roles for the adults too.

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci, Wes Bentley, Donald Sutherland

RottenTomatoes.com Rating: 84%

CULTURE: Imagine – Bette Midler: The Divine Miss M (BBC1, 11.05pm)

Tuesday’s TV tips

You really know you’ve made it the entertainment industry when you acquire a nickname – especially if it’s as complimentary as ’The Divine Miss M’.

But as Alan Yentob discovers in this documentary, Bette Midler didn’t have an easy route to the top.

At age 20, she was working in a pineapple canning factory in Honolulu, but from there she made it to Broadway in the 1960s – one of her early roles was in Fiddler on Roof – and then in the 1970s, she began performing in bathhouses and nightclubs.

Her combination of an incredible voice and a raucous wit made her a cult hit, but she was about to go mainstream as she took Hollywood by storm.

Now, as she releases her first new album in eight years, Bette is going back to some of the places that played a key role in her extraordinary career as she talks to Yentob about her early influences.

FILM: Firefox (ITV4, 11.05pm)

(1982) A former air force pilot comes out of retirement for a top-secret mission – to go undercover behind the Iron Curtain and steal a hi-tech Soviet fighter plane that is invisible to radar and equipped with a thought-controlled weapons system.

It’s made by Clint Eastwood, employing himself in a starring role, so that should really answer the question.

He doesn’t make films that are anything less than brilliant, and while this thriller is seen as one of his rare misses, it’s still terrifically exciting.

Sure, you’ve seen the premise endless times before, but Clint, both in front of and behind the camera, has the capacity to elevate a simple story into something spectacular.

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Freddie Jones, David Huffman, Warren Clarke.

RottenTomatoes.com Rating: 42%

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