Tuesday’s TV tips

Tuesday’s TV tips

DOCUMENTARY: The Insiders (RTE One, 7pm)

Tuesday’s TV tips

Special Olympics: The Games that changed Ireland

In Ireland we used to talk about mental handicap, and before that retardation. There was legislation on our statute books that defined people with an intellectual disability as ‘lunatics’ and suddenly Ireland was involved in the Special Olympics, an international celebration of people with disability and hosting tens of thousands of people from around there world.

We were united in the common cause of welcoming 30,000 athletes from 160 countries for the ten day event, the first time the Special Olympics would be held outside of the US.

Insiders hears from the volunteers in remote towns in Ireland that were educated on the food and cultures of far flung places, twinned with people and places they hardly heard of for the Special Olympics.

SPORT: Real Madrid v Liverpool: Live! (TV3, 7.30pm)

Tuesday’s TV tips

Real Madrid welcome Liverpool to the Bernabeu for this matchday four Group B fixture.

This is the second meeting between the clubs in the space of a fortnight, and the odds are stacked against the Reds here given they suffered a 3-0 defeat at Anfield.

Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring in typically brilliant fashion and Karim Benzema added two more in the opening 45 minutes.

Much was made of Mario Balotelli’s subdued performance that saw Brendan Rodgers substitute the striker at half time, but improvements are also needed in defence if the Merseysiders are to have a dramatic reversal in fortunes this evening against the classy defending champions.

However, Liverpool did defeat Real 1-0 on their only previous visit to this ground in 2009, but Steven Gerrard and Martin Skrtel are the only survivors from that team, while Iker Casillas, Pepe and Sergio Ramos are the three remaining Madrid players.

SCIENCE: Human Universe (BBC2, 9pm)

Professor Brian Cox has delivered a treat with this latest series in which he’s explored mankind, but like all good things, it must come to an end.

He concludes his investigation by asking what the future holds. He begins in northern Spain where he visits a cave that was once home to our distant ancestors, and discovers some of the earliest at in the universe – a child’s hand painted on the wall. And that child’s vision of the future would be very different to ours.

In the Arctic, Brian explains what sets us apart, while in Florida, he learns about the latest efforts to protect Earth from potential catastrophic events.

At the National Ignition Facility in California, Brian witnesses the world’s most successful fusion experiment in action, one which he believes may give us a way to the stars that won’t destroy the planet in the process.

DRAMA: The Missing (BBC1, 9pm)

James Nesbitt must have a sixth sense – he can pick out a successful drama before it’s even been put into production – which is why it’s no surprise that he’s signing himself up to ratings hit after ratings hit.

One of them, The Missing, returns tonight, and three days since Oliver’s disappearance, fingers are pointing to a known paedophile in the area.

The police aren’t doing much to help matters, given that they’re keeping Emily and Tony in the dark from the little information they have. Because of this, Tony is tempted to go to ambitious journalist Malik Suri, who claims to have illegally obtained information about the suspect in custody.

Meanwhile, in present day, Tony and Julien find a piece of concrete evidence that’s bound to help in their fight to get the case reopened.

Frances O’Connor, Tcheky Karyo and Jason Flemyng co-star.

IMPORTED DRAMA: The Vampire Diaries (ITV2, 9pm)

Never getting any older, and being able to stay up all night – no wonder impressionable teens on both sides of the Atlantic have decided that vampires are cool. But for Elena, life is definitely not ’cool’.

As season six begins, we join the folk of Mystic Falls four months after it was declared a no magic zone, and Elena isn’t taking Damon’s death very well.

She starts taking drugs that Luke has given her so that she can see Damon, but the side effects make her violent. Meanwhile, Tyler is trying to adjust to life being human, and his feelings for Liv are only growing stronger.

Jeremy seems to be putting Bonnie’s death out of his mind by surrounding himself with women and drinking, while Alaric spends time adjusting to his life as a vampire, before Elena asks an important question of him – can he compel her into forgetting about Damon?

Nina Dobrev, Chris Brochu and Matt Davis star.

DOCUMENTARY: Live the Dream (TV3, 10.15pm)

Tuesday’s TV tips

Ireland today is a country where the economic tide has turned and the young people are able to see that there are huge opportunities for them if they have the imagination and passion to go for it.

‘Live The Dream is a documentary that will shine some light on the amazing opportunities that exist in a post recession Ireland. Leanne Moore will travel around Ireland meeting people who claim they have their dream job. From a Stuntman and a surf Photographer, to a comic book artist to a jockey.

This programme is not here to make you feel bad about your mundane 9-5 office job, but instead give you inspiration to find your true passion and encourage you to live the dream.

FILM: What Lies Beneath (Film4, 11.05pm)

(2000) A doctor’s wife has recurring nightmares after a car accident about a ghost who asks for her help.

When she tells her psychiatrist about the visions, he encourages her to communicate with the troubled spirit, though her husband thinks they’re simply a result of the accident.

But while investigating the ghost, she realises there is some sort of connection to a local girl’s disappearance – and uncovers some shocking truths about her own marriage.

This is a surprisingly good, old-fashioned supernatural thriller complete with creaky floors, sudden appearances and lots of plot twists and turns.

Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Amber Valleta, Diana Scarwid, Miranda Otto, James Remar.

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