Tommy Tiernan talks all things controversial in revealing Hot Press interview

Tommy Tiernan let it all out in this month’s interview with Hot Press magazine, giving people his take on religion, drugs, booze, sex and basically all things controversial.

In an exclusive interview with the magazine, Tommy lets us in on the inner workings of his hectic mind and the intimate relationships he has with his wife and family.

Speaking to Hot Press Senior Editor Jason O’Toole the nation’s favourite funny man said he sometimes gets the cold shoulder from his wife after a show.

“She does get embarrassed. I think it’s something you learnt to live with. It’s like having somebody with Tourette’s in the family.”

Taking a look at other issues, such as legalising prostitution, Tommy had this insightful snippet to share: “If someone is lonely and they need that kind of physical healing of time spent with a woman, I don’t think that should be criminalised.

“If his only way of getting it is a kind above-board legal transaction, then I think that should happen. We need to be kind towards one another and our needs. I feel the way we’re handling it at the moment is very much under the carpet and very much repressed.”

On first seeking professional help at 16 because he was obsessed with a girl, Tommy said: “It wasn’t so much the obsession with the girl: it was more the introduction to obsessional thought, which I never experienced before where you suddenly find yourself thinking about the same thing all day long. It’s a form of self-loathing and it’s a form of physic self-harming."

Tackling other controversial topics such as the 8th Amendment, Mr Tiernan said: “It’s also important to remember, for people who are anti-abortion: if abortion does come in, it won’t be compulsory (laughs) – people will still be able to carry the child to full-term if they want!”

And finally, discussing the delicate topic of Euthanisia, the always interesting comedian said: “People should probably have the right to say, ‘Enough is enough’.”

The full in-depth interview can be read in Hot Press magazine on sale now.

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