Today’s TV tips

Today’s TV tips

SPORT: Live Ford Monday Night Football: Manchester City v Chelsea (Sky Sports 1, 7pm).

Today’s TV tips

There is plenty riding on the game in title terms with City looking to reclaim top spot and open up a six-point advantage over Chelsea.

Defeat would see Chelsea draw level on 53 points, two behind Arsenal.

Fernandinho, who was the subject of previous interest from Chelsea, said: “If we could beat them it would be a very important result – but both teams will still have a lot of difficult games left.

“The Premier League is full of surprise results – but I hope we won’t have any more.”

DOCUMENTARY: 24 Hours to Kill (TV3, 9pm)

The compelling series returns for a fourth season, examining a selection of Ireland’s most shocking murders, which in turn produced some of the most recognised trials since the founding of the State.

‘24 Hours to Kill’ winds back the clock to relive the hours leading up to some of Ireland’s most brutal killings.

The steps of the killers and the movements of the innocent victims are retraced, as it examines how jealousy, desire, revenge and hatred pushed them into committing such sinister murders.

Some of the convicted murderers investigated this season include Julie McGinley (the now infamous ‘Black Widow’), Gary McCrea, David Bourke and Private Sean Courtney.

REALITY: The Jump (Channel 4, 9pm)

Twelve celebrity contestants face one last jump in tonight’s final as they take on some of the most challenging and dangerous winter sports.

This new reality show format – in which a dozen celebs take it in turns to plummet down a mountain in various terrifying ways – has intrigued viewers.

One thing’s for certain, they’re all that little bit braver than host Davina McCall.

She says: “I wouldn’t try anything on skis, there’s no way on earth you’d get me down a ski jump.

“The bobsleigh is something I might have a go at; I’d never do the skeleton. So no, there’s not really anything that I would do. It’s all too scary.”

COMEDY: Next week’s News (RTE Two, 9.30pm)

The RTÉ comedy panel show is back. This time, however, it’s be broken into weekly bite-size chunks.

The show boasts three of the top comedians in the country – PJ Gallagher, Neil Delamere and Bernard O’Shea – as regulars.

Host Bernard O’Shea takes the top stories, headline-making people and trends du-jour of the week and brazenly ask two teams “What’s next for…?”

Channelling their clairvoyant skills, the teams attempt to run the gauntlet of inventive rounds, bets and predictions.

Each week they’ll be joined by national and international guests in the fight to be the first and funniest to forecast… Next Week’s News.

DOCUMENTARY: Mad Dog: Gadaffi’s Secret World: Storyville (BBC Four, 10pm)

Today’s TV tips

Every now and then on the Beeb, a documentary comes along that divides opinion and isn’t particularly easy viewing. This is one such documentary.

‘Storyville’ takes a look at the nature of dictatorship through the story of the ultimate dictator – the late Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – and hears from palace insiders, victims of his violent regime, and even some of those who helped shape his dark dreams.

As an FBI fugitive tells of Gaddafi’s ’murder-for-hire’ team, his former plastic surgeon talks of how he operated on the leader in the dead of night and without general anaesthetic because he was afraid of being poisoned.

But perhaps the most chilling of stories come from those closest to him.

Gaddafi’s widow discusses her marriage, and a female bodyguard tells of how she adored him until she was forced to watch teenagers being executed.

FILM: There’s Something About Mary (Channel 4, 11.35pm)

Even though they only ever had one disastrous date, Ted has never got over his high-school sweetheart Mary. He hires a sleazy private eye to track her down, little suspecting that the detective will fall for her as well and set out to win her for himself.

To make matters more complicated, it soon emerges there are a few more men out there competing for her affections.

This outrageous comedy from the Farrelly brothers was one of the most lucrative films of 1998, and it’s easy to see why.

Underneath the gross-out gags and winningly grotesque supporting performances, there’s a strain of real sweetness, and Diaz is appealing enough to make it believable that all these men would be in love with her, without ever becoming two dimensional.

However, men of a nervous disposition may want to make a cup of tea as Ben Stiller’s character gets a sensitive part of his anatomy trapped in his zipper. Rating: 83%

NEW ON NETFLIX: We’re No Angels

Robert De Niro and Sean Penn team up for a loose reworking of the 1955 Humphrey Bogart comedy.

They're escaped cons who pose as two priests who have written a book about a shrine in a small town near the Canadian border.

Demi Moore is the town's hooker who helps them.

There’s an impressive cast, also including John C Reilly and Bruno Kirby, and although you get the feeling they are perhaps slumming it here compared to their loftier efforts, it’s all good fun. Rating: 50%

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