Thursday’s TV tips

Thursday’s TV tips

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (Ch4, 8pm)

Thursday’s TV tips

Two sheds have got to be better than one, right? Well, not for a couple featured in this week’s programme. Their garden has been the home of two air raid shelters for more than 70 years.

These structures are showing their age, and now the owners want to turn them into rather swanky sheds – the problem is, they can’t agree who will take charge of which. Hopefully George can mediate for them.

Also appearing is Guinnie who, at the tender age of 12, is the series’ youngest-ever designer. She’s getting help from her builder dad to turn a book-based school project into a reality.

Meanwhile, master craftsman Will Hardie visits a beach hut worth £1million and continues work on his and George’s rather more modest project; George himself takes another trip to Germany to see how a water tower has been turned into a luxury home.

**Final** A Week to my Wedding (RTE One, 8.30pm)

Thursday’s TV tips

With a keen interest in musical theatre the final couple in the series really pushed the boat out when it came to planning their wedding day.

Former Rose of Tralee and New Jersey native Róisín Egenton knew almost immediately that she was going to marry Galwegian Nicky Lawless. Following Nicky’s proposal a year ago, the couple started planning one hell of a party to celebrate the occasion.

With Nicky’s interest in graphic design and Róisín’s flair for the dramatic, the pair set about planning a musical theatre themed day that also incorporated Nicky’s interest in astrology that their family and friends would never forget.

Secret music practises and sneaky dance rehearsals coupled with the arrival of family and friends from abroad keep Róisín and Nicky busy in the week leading to their big day.

The Missing Evidence: Nevada Triangle (TV3, 9pm)

Documentary examining theories as to why there have been so many apparently unexplained air crashes in America's Sierra Nevada mountain range. UFO expert Jeff Gonzales believes that the testing of alien technology in USAF facility Area 51 is interfering with earthbound navigation systems, while Peter Merlin also thinks that the air base is responsible, but that it is being used to assess advanced military aircraft.

Climatologist Kelly Redmond believes that the geology of the Sierra Nevada holds the key as it can create freak storms, while meteorologist Zach Tolby suggests the topography and weather combine to create unpredictable downdrafts capable of causing aircraft to fall.

Cradle to Grave (BBC2, 9pm)

A double-bill brings this wistful but oddly compelling comedy based on the teenage years of broadcaster Danny Baker to a close. It’s all change at the Baker house as lifelong docker Spud begins a whole new career – as an office mailman.

But can he deliver the goods? Sadly, his new boss isn’t convinced he can. Danny, meanwhile, is mistaken for love god David Essex’s brother, which means he’s suddenly like catnip to girls everywhere.

But it’s Bet’s friendship with Keith from work that could cause the most problems – until Sharon’s wedding day dawns, bringing back old memories for both Spud and Bet.

Peter Kay (whose strange take on cockney is somehow growing on us), Laurie Kynaston, Lucy Speed and Alice Sykes head the cast.

Hunted (Ch4, 9pm)

With just seven days to go, the remaining fugitives must reach a pre-arranged extraction point to evade capture once and for all.

But with the clock ticking, the hunters are ramping up their efforts to find them. Stephen and Martin have avoided detection by travelling along canal towpaths – only to appear on the radar after using a cashpoint.

Emily and Lauren are still evading capture, despite going their separate ways, although Emily unwittingly trusts some strangers with valuable information.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (5*, 9.00pm)

(2008) The sequel to acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 blockbusting comic-book fantasy is every bit as fast and furious as its popular predecessor, melding dazzling production design with wry humour and explosive action sequences.

Here del Toro is given free rein to let his imagination run amok, concocting a dark and bloody fairy-tale full of trolls, goblins and a nine-feet tall Angel Of Death as the gruff hero (Ron Perlman) leads a band of hapless heroes into a battle against a marauding army, with the fate of the entire human race hanging in the balance.

Selma Blair makes a welcome return as Liz Sherman, the object of Hellboy’s affections.

Reality bites: Ireland’s Sulky Races (RTE Two, 9.30pm)

Thursday’s TV tips

Ireland’s Sulky Racers, a new one hour documentary, offers a unique insight into one of Ireland’s most fascinating sub-cultures.

Following a group of owners and drivers based in counties Dublin, Meath, Clare and Limerick,Ireland’s Sulky Racers shows the extremes that these complex and compelling individuals will go to in order to prepare their piebald for race day.

Solomon Kane (Film4, 11.25pm)

(2010) Based on the character created by Conan’s Robert E Howard, Solomon Kane is an action-packed tale of a morally corrupt man’s fall and equally spectacular redemption, bookmarked by set pieces of swordplay on foot and horseback.

Production values may be cheap and cheerful, including a computer-generated demon from the underworld in the final showdown that might very well have been transplanted straight from a videogame, but leading man James Purefoy wields his blade with intent, and the story rumbles along at a fair pace as the beleaguered Kane fights against the odds to save his soul from eternal damnation.

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